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  1. A semi-stiff, hollow translucent sleeve designed to help gently push your rig away from the lead during the cast and on impact with the lakebed, ensuring perfect presentation.
  2. Designed to allow the flexibility to extend the hair length in seconds rather than re-tie the rig: change bait size, create snowman rigs or increase hair separation with minimal fuss. Available in a variety of colours to match or contrast the bait used.
  3. Easy-to-use, CAD designed bait stops with a large flat face and maximum surface area. Essential when hair-rigging baits such as boilies, pellets and sweetcorn, the RM-Tec Boilie Stops come in a variety of colours to match or contrast the bait used.
  4. -20% RidgeMonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer RidgeMonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer
    Tie pop-up hookbaits with ease using the RidgeMonkey EzeeKnot Hookbait Tyer: clip together the two magnetic sides, drop in a hookbait and tie your chosen baitfloss perfectly around the centre of the hookbait every time. A brilliantly convenient little device that allows baits to be pre-tied in seconds, saving you time, effort and frustration on the bank – no more juggling of hook-baits and tiny rig rings with cold, wet fingers!!
  5. Sized to fit almost all common lead systems, provides excellent hinge properties and increases flexibility of many specialist carp rigs. High quality brass, smooth swivel action & round profile ring with an anti-glare finish.
  6. Extra tough, spliceable woven braid hooklink material, ideal when abrasion resistance is a critical factor. Can be spliced around a swivel or hook eye while retaining the suppleness needed to effortlessly hug any terrain. Mottled low-vis finish. Ultra-fine splicing needle included.
  7. Extra supple, spliceable woven braid leader material, ideal when abrasion resistance is a critical factor. Can be spliced like leadcore while retaining the suppleness needed to effortlessly hug any terrain. Perfect for venues where the use of leadcore leaders is restricted, can also be used as a super-tough hooklink material. Mottled low-vis finish
  8. -20% RidgeMonkey Mini Hook Ring Swivel
    A miniature flexi ring swivel with a wide variety of applications, a perfect hookbait mount for Chod, blowback and D-rigs. High quality brass, round profile ring swivel with an anti-glare finish.
  9. Allows ultra-fast replacement of hooklinks, featuring a round profile ring and unique levelled quick change arm to minimise silicone sleeve damage. Size 8 fits most common lead systems, with the size 11 being ideal for helicopter set ups. High quality brass, unique levelled quick change arm. Round profile ring, smooth swivel action with an anti-glare finish.
  10. -20% RidgeMonkey Quick Change Hooklink Clip
    Allows ultra fast replacement of leads, hooklinks, marker floats, spods and any other small items that feature a loop or eye as a means of attachment. High quality brass, anti-glare finish.
  11. -20% RidgeMonkey Quick Change Inline Swivel - Size 8
    For use with “Drop Off” style inline lead arrangements: incorporates a round profile ring and RidgeMonkey's unique levelled quick change arm on the same swivel eye. Fits most common lead systems.
  12. Perfect for many presentations including anti-eject, blowback, D-rig and more. High quality Japanese steel, seamless round profile, super smooth edges with an anti-glare finish.
  13. Once the Beaked Point goes in it stays in! A deadly efficient hook that is perfect for a bottom bait, wafter, zig or floater. The downturned eye aids the hook’s ability to flip and the inturned point ensures very little movement once the hook is set.
  14. -20% RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Braid Needle (Magenta)
    A strong, fine-wire needle with a low profile safety barb contained within the tip to reduce the chance of a frayed hair or split bait. Excellent for small and/or soft baits. Nite Glo handle with magenta inserts.
  15. -20% RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Braided Shock Leader 50lb Camo RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Braided Shock Leader 50lb Camo
    Ultra strong, zero stretch braided shock leader. Essential for distance casting, a strong shock leader will reduce the chances of a crack off.
  16. High memory, high diameter nylon stiff rig filament. Created using the unique RM-Tec Easi-Curve technology, the Chod/Stiff Rig Material can be curved into shape by simply drawing between thumb & forefinger. Should you need to re-straighten the rig for any reason, this can be achieved with a firm pull between two rig tools: no need to steam. Brilliant for use in any rig that requires a stiff section.
  17. Suitable for all kinds of carp rigs, the Curved Shank is a great all-rounder and provides excellent hook holds thanks to an extended super-sharp point. Perfectly suited to the popular KD-style rig when used in conjunction with a wafter hookbait.
  18. Ultra low visibility 100% fluorocarbon hooklink material. Nearly invisible when submerged, the high density RM-Tec Fluorocarbon will pin itself to the lakebed and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Originally developed as a hooklink material with medium flexibility, also perfect when used as a concealment leader when targeting particularly wary fish.
  19. Perfect for creating Ronnie and Anti-Eject Sliding Ring rigs, the rubber hardness ensures that these translucent smoke hook stops will not slip during the cast yet will slide easily on the hook ensuring they do not impede hook penetration during a take.
  20. -20% RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mini Stick Needle (Purple)
    A very strong, low diameter lip close needle, engineered to the perfect length for use with all but the longest PVA mesh sticks and stringers - the micro-engineered gate closes to allow smooth passage back through the bait when pierced. Nite Glo handle with purple inserts.
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