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  1. These unique strong, lightweight, moulded drills are available in 2 sizes; 6mm (black) and 10mm (green).

    They are perfect for creating a neat, smooth hole through boilies so you can add a section of Pop-Up Foam or a piece of cork when you need to add buoyancy to balance the weight of the hook make a slow sinking bait or even create a pop-up hook bait on the bank side.
  2. New-20% Gardner Camera Adaptor
    Converts a bankstick or tripod into a simple photographic stand. Ideal for those tricky self-take shots…
  3. New-20% Gardner Camera Angle
    Multi-angle camera adaptor designed to give you optimum adjustability. Simple to use and gives perfect results every time – rotate the Camera Angle into the desired position and lock in place with the T-Bar. Ideal for those self-take shots.
  4. Camo Fleck Brown - 35lb & 45lb
    Camo Fleck Green - 35lb & 45lb
    Camo Fleck Silt - 35lb & 45lb
  5. Pre-spliced 1m long CamFlex Leadfree Leaders - 45lb
    Camo Flecked - Weedy Green
    Camo Flecked - Muddy Brown
  6. BCR Rigga hooks are the perfect beaked point Chod/Stiff/Multi/D-rig hook pattern. The gently sweeping beaked point ensures that the hook can penetrate effectively, so that more ‘pick ups’ are converted into fish in the net.
  7. These are top quality cork balls made from the best Portuguese cork.
  8. -20% Gardner Cork Sticks 6mm x 50mm
    These Cork Sticks have a multitude of uses in tuning your rigs, but are primarily used by anglers to add buoyancy to boiled and particle hookbaits.
  9. Perfect for using on your hook to control the position of the hair or as a stop on safe helicopter rigs.
    0.5mm diameter and 0.5mm wall is perfect for use with Covert Safety Beads in conjunction with leadcore.
    Flexible silicone compound will stretch easily over hook eyes and knots giving the neatest presentation.
    Strong and durable to withstand all the rigours of carp and specimen angling without tearing or distorting.
    Low-viz camo colours available in Olive Green, Dark Grey & Mud Brown to match any lake bed.
  10. -20% Gardner | Covert Anti Glare Easi Clips Gardner | Covert Anti Glare Easi Clips
    Perfect for the quick attachment of a multitude of end tackle components (eg. hooklinks, leads, feeders, marker floats, lures, etc.)
  11. The essential quick change Helicopter rig component.
    Size 8
    Size 12
  12. Flexi-Ring Swivels allow improved rig movement and reduce the incidence of tangles when used with the majority of Carp and Specialist rigs.
    Size 8
    Size 12
  13. Gardner | Covert Anti Glare Rig Rings
    EXTRA SMALL (2.5mm)
    SMALL (3mm)
    LARGE (4mm)
    EXTRA LARGE (4.4mm)
    OVAL (4.5mm Length)
    LARGE OVAL (6mm Length)
  14. Great for the quick attachment and removal of end tackle components like hooklinks, leads, feeders, marker floats, lures, etc.
  15. Perfect for streamlining terminal tackle and reducing tangles.

    These 40mm anti tangle sleeves are particularly effective for reducing tangles with longer hooklinks as the length of the sleeve effectively separates the hooklink and mainline during the cast. They are particularly useful when zigging and have also proven popular with specialist anglers fishing with float paternoster rigs.
  16. An essential component primarily used to protect the last knot on a Helicopter rig and in construction of running lead rigs.
  17. -20% Gardner Covert C-Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels - Size 12
    Covert C-Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels are a hugely versatile quick change component that can be incorporated into almost any quick change hook rig, or on helicopter lead arrangements to enable you to swap looped hooklinks really quickly and easily.
  18. -20% Gardner Covert C-Lok Swivels - Size 12
    By using a C-Lok Swivel to mount the hook (on rigs like the German) the hook is free to twist and turn quicker. That means the rig and hook reacts faster and does its job better! The C-Lok Swivel will fit most hooks sized 6 and larger.
  19. The Clip Kit includes all the essential components required to construct versatile, safe, Covert Lead Clip lead arrangements.
  20. New Gardner Covert DARK Chod Hook Gardner Covert DARK Chod Hook
    Is the new Covert Dark Chod hook the ultimate chod and hinged stiff rig hook?
    Well if they weren’t before the Covert Dark treatment they certainly are now!
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