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Terminal Tackle

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  1. -30% Atomic Tackle 7cm Latch Needle
    Ideal for all size of boilies and soft particles.
  2. -50% Atomic Tackle Figure of 8 Backlead Clips
    These number 8 shaped clips allow leads, backleads etc to be attached to the main line,due to the design they will not jettison on striking but will release if it becomes snagged
  3. -30% Atomic Tackle Fine Nut Drill 1mm
    Long ultra fine 1mm drill which allows any particles to be drilled without splitting, giving perfect rig presentation every time.
  4. The Atomic Tackle Chodda is purpose built for the supremely successful chod rig. Designed by the best anglers in the business, the Atomic Tackle Chodda is the strongest, sharpest, toughest hook of its kind, and that out-turned eye and extended point mean perfect presentation and rock-solid hook holds - every time. The Atomic Tackle Chodda is the ultimate hook for chod and stiff rigs - there is no getting away from it!

    Sizes: 4, 5, 6 , 7 , 8 and 10.
  5. T-A-G Hook System Claw - With its inward-curving point, wide gape and super strong wire, the Claw is the ultimate hit-and-hold hook.

    This is the snag-fishing hook you've been looking for.

    Barbed Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10.

    Barbless Sizes: 6, 8, 10.
  6. T-A-G Hook System Grabba - The Grabba has all of the performance qualities you need - curved design, wide gape and straight point - with the extra security of ultimate strength.

    With the Grabba in your armoury, the only thing that will bend - is your rod!

    Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8.
    Barbed Only.
  7. Straight shank, entended hook patten that offers a wide range of highly effective rig possibilities , including sliding ring anti-eject , D rig and line alinger setups. A truly awesome hook.

    Size. 6, 8.

    Barbed only.
  8. The Atomic Tackle Sabre is based on the supremely successful Chodda pattern, only this hook has a in turned eye to make it perfect for bottom bait presentations. Ideal for braid and mono hook lengths,the Sabre promotes a responsive curve in your rig, for ultimate hooking power.incredibly strong, wickedly sharp, and harder for the fish to see thanks to our unique,matt Gunsmoke coating, the Sabre is exactly what it says it is.
  9. T-A-G Hook System - Stinga - The STINGA offers the proven combination of a responsive curve and extra-strong construction, making it a superb general-purpose hook.

    Ideal for fishing near weed and snags.

    Sizes: 4, 6, 7, 8. Barbed Only.
  10. Jel-E-Wyre is big carp fishing's No1 coated hooklink material. It simply cannot be bettered and trust us pretty much all the competition have tried.

    It is thinner, more supple and stronger than EVERY other coated hooklink on the market, it is simply years ahead of its time.
  11. Super strong seamless, matt black rig rings, ideal for D rigs, Combi links etc.

    Sizes 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.7mm.
  12. A bespoke, slimline elastic designed specifically for marking your line.
  13. -20% Avid Outline Anti Ring Swivels Size 8
    Create safe rigs with extra movement with these high-performance size 8 Ring Swivels. An ideal option for Helicopter presentations.
  14. -20% Avid Outline Anti Tangle Sleeves
    These shorter Anti Tangle sleeves kick your rig away from the lead perfectly. Compatible with Avid QC Lead Clips and QC Drop Off Stems.
  15. -20% Avid Outline Anti Tangle Sleeves XL
    These longer Anti Tangle sleeves kick your rig away from the lead perfectly. Compatible with Avid QC Lead Clips and QC Drop Off Stems.
  16. -20% Avid Outline Boilie Screws
    These camouflaged hard plastic Boilie Screws will grip almost any bait. Create the perfect quick change pop-up presentation.
  17. -20% Avid Outline Hook Beads
    These small, but grippy Hook Beads are streamlined perfectly for modern rigs. They work effectively on hooks sized 10-4.
  18. -20% Avid Outline Hookbait Swivels
    These Big Eye Hookbait Swivels marry the neatness of a Hook Swivel, with the convenience of a larger eye. Far less obtrusive than many other hookbait mounting swivels.
  19. -20% Avid Outline Inline Tail Rubbers
    Designed for use with all Avid Inline leads. Can also be used with Avid Lead Clips for a slower-releasing setup or when fishing in colder conditions.
  20. -20% Avid Outline Lead Clip Kit
    Includes a click-fit Lead Clip, matching Tail Rubber and size 8 swivel. Compatible with Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves.
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