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  1. Balanced, responsive rods with a progressive powerful action, popular with anglers worldwide.
  2. The simple application of Daiwa's latest AGS carbon guides takes the feel and performance of the Basia carp rod to a stratospheric level. Already field tested by a number of the team at Korda with amazing results this combination of all carbon technology has never been available before.
  3. The higher torque resistance and straight line accuracy of the Basia DF has been refined.

    Daiwa's design team have manipulated the patterns and placement of X45 bias carbons, combined with the latest MT magnum taper profile to bring a rod with astonishing power conversion plus straight line compression and release.

    Furnished to the same ‘Custom’ standard as other DF’s, each model features Minima 4 guides. These combined with the redesigned blank reduce the weight by almost 10%.

    Available in 3.0, 3.25 and 2.75lbs test curves in 12’ and a big hitter 13’ version at 3.75lbs. However we have taken the DF option to new place with the first ever cork handle options; all in 12’ at the same test curves.
  4. -26% Daiwa D-Feeder Carp Feeder 11ft
    The Daiwa Carp Feeder Rod is a rod to be used for commercial carp lakes and carp matches on 'Doughnut' type venues. Two piece in design and quite light and responsive for the price, angler will find a real pleasure in using one of these.
  5. -26% Daiwa D-Match Carp Match 11ft
    The Daiwa Carp Match Rod is a rod to be used for commercial carp lakes and carp matches on 'Doughnut' type venues. Two piece in design and quite light and responsive for the price, angler will find a real pleasure in using one of these.
  6. Carrying the same MT profile of the original Infinity DF’s Daiwa's design team have perfected the application of X45 within the main compression zones, improving even further the power delivery, recovery and torque resistance which leads to even better distance casting accuracy.
  7. After the amazing success of the Infinity DF Special Carp Rods Danny Fairbrass wasn't finished designing. Enter the Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods. With a
  8. Where Daiwa have applied bias technology to the advantage of the Basia rod performance, we have mirrored this blank evolution in the shape of the Longbow.

    In order to harness high ‘potential energy’ for casting we utilised butt diameter as well as material to deliver loading. However the medium taper sees the Longbow release rapidly but with less eye watering speed of the Basia. This recovery is enhanced too by the weight saving from the minima 4 guides.

    In addition the four test curves at 12’ (2.25lb, 3lb, 3.5lb, & 3.75lb) we also offer a Floater Special, a Spod and a Spod n marker model.
  9. Embracing all the pedigree from the ranges above, these slim premium blanks will perform well above their price tag. Furnished to Danny Fairbrass’s specification they feature slim shrink tube handle, 50mm butt guide and a low glare matt finish.

    Available Options
    12ft 2.75lb
    12ft 3lb
    12ft 3.5lb
  10. -34% Fox Horizon XT K Carp Rods - 12ft
    Fox Horizon XT K Carp Rods have been created as an out and out distance tool.
  11. Fox's brand-new Torque range of carp rods are designed to bridge the gap between our entry level Warrior S and the top-end Horizon ranges. Thanks to advances in carbon technology we have been able to use a high quality carbon construction that has enabled us to produce a rod that is amongst the strongest and lightest ever made in this price bracket. Understated cosmetics give these rods that ‘custom built’ look and these combined with the incredible performance could make the end user easily believe they were using a rod of twice the price! There are five fishing rods in the range comprising of three abbreviated handle models plus two full, skinny Duplon models. In addition there is a 4.5lb Marker Rod and a 5.5lb Spod Rod both of which have abbreviated handles. All of the rods in the Torque range feature 18mm Fuji reel seats with black fixing hoods not to mention Fox's own black Slik guides.
  12. -21% Fox Warrior S 3 Piece Rod - 12ft 3lb / Abbreviated (3pc)
    The multi award winning Warrior S range needs very little introduction as it has, for many years now, been one of the most popular ‘entry level’ carp rods on the market.
  13. High quality carp rods with TOREON nano composite blanks. This results in a stronger and lighter material but in no way restricts the action that can be achieved. Designed first and foremost as a performance fishing rod, the action has been developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing capability combined with exceptional casting performance. The four models in the range cover any Carp fishing situation you're ever likely to encounter.
  14. Greys GT Markers and Spods
  15. Greys best ever carp rod. Lighter, more responsive, stronger, and more accurate. The Powerlux™ nano resin carbon construction allows you to have the best of both worlds; power and accuracy when casting through fantastic weight to strength ratio, and superb fish playing capability through greys most advanced carp rod action to date.
  16. The TX 2 carp rod range is based on proven manufacturing processes, using XT60 carbon. This results in very slim and powerful blanks which will enhance the casting performance. Although the blanks are very powerful, the TX 2 does not compromise on playing action in the tip- and middle section, required for maintaining a secure hook-hold. The TX 2 series have been developed with a plastic line clip. The new TX 2 features pink tipping on black cosmetic wrapping which will immediately catch the eye of the angler.
  17. One of our biggest sellers. The Sonik Dominator X Rods have been the best selling mid range rod of 2018.

    Slick looks along with a smooth and responsive action.
  18. The Sonik Vader X is the best selling rod of 2018. Unbelievable value for money!
  19. Erics MegaDeal Rod & Reel Combo

    Each Combo Includes
    1 x Wychwood Dispatch Rod (Choice of S1 - Spod or M1 - Marker)
    1 x Wychwood Dispatch Spod/Marker Reel Loaded with braid.
    RRP - £139.99
    Erics MegaDeal - £89.99
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