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  1. -45% Chub Outkast 10ft 3.00lb Compact Carp Rod (New 2015)
    Balanced, responsive rods with a progressive action, popular with angelrs worldwide.
  2. -42% Chub Outkast 12ft 2.75lb Carp Rod (New 2015)
  3. -49% Chub Outkast 12ft 3.0lb Full Cork Carp Rod (New 2015)
  4. -42% Chub Outkast 12ft 4.0lb Marker Rod (New 2015)
    Repsonsive tip with a powerful butt section to make feature finding at range both easier and more effective.
  5. -49% Chub Outkast 12ft 5.0lb Spod Rod (New 2015)
    Chub Outkast Spod Rod.
    Progressive power action for accuracy at range.
    Designed to cope with the rigours of all modern day bait delivery.
  6. Balanced, responsive rods with a progressive powerful action, popular with anglers worldwide.
  7. Value for money rods with a progressive action perfectly suited to modern carp angling.
  8. The simple application of Daiwa's latest AGS carbon guides takes the feel and performance of the Basia carp rod to a stratospheric level. Already field tested by a number of the team at Korda with amazing results this combination of all carbon technology has never been available before.
  9. The higher torque resistance and straight line accuracy of the Basia DF has been refined.

    Daiwa's design team have manipulated the patterns and placement of X45 bias carbons, combined with the latest MT magnum taper profile to bring a rod with astonishing power conversion plus straight line compression and release.

    Furnished to the same ‘Custom’ standard as other DF’s, each model features Minima 4 guides. These combined with the redesigned blank reduce the weight by almost 10%.

    Available in 3.0, 3.25 and 2.75lbs test curves in 12’ and a big hitter 13’ version at 3.75lbs. However we have taken the DF option to new place with the first ever cork handle options; all in 12’ at the same test curves.
  10. 1K Woven Carbon
    Fuji DPS Reel Seat
    Shrink Grip Handle with Flared Butt
    Stainless Guides with LS rings
    50mm Butt Guide (40mm on 10' rods)
  11. -26% Daiwa D-Feeder Carp Feeder 11ft
    The Daiwa Carp Feeder Rod is a rod to be used for commercial carp lakes and carp matches on 'Doughnut' type venues. Two piece in design and quite light and responsive for the price, angler will find a real pleasure in using one of these.
  12. -25% Daiwa Infinity DF SLR 13ft 4.25lb (IDFSLR3414-AU) Daiwa Infinity DF SLR 13ft 4.25lb (IDFSLR3414-AU)
    SLR ‘Super Long Range’ Action
  13. We have taken the tried and trusted Magnum Taper profile used for many years by top carp anglers and given Danny Fairbrass from Korda the freedom to d
  14. This is Daiwa's ultimate barbel rod design. The amazingly slim blank, reinforced with 1K woven harnesses tremendous power but offers an exquisite fish playing action. Able to propel large loads at distance and handle high strengths of main lines, the choice of test curves ensures any approach is covered.
  15. The unbeatable ability of the Infinity Magnum Taper now reaches for whole new level thanks to the application of AGS - Air Guide System.
  16. The popular Magnum Taper has continued to serve the discerning European carper who seeks distance with pinpoint accuracy combined with versatile fish playing.
  17. After the amazing success of the Infinity DF Special Carp Rods Danny Fairbrass wasn't finished designing. Enter the Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods. With a
  18. Where Daiwa have applied bias technology to the advantage of the Basia rod performance, we have mirrored this blank evolution in the shape of the Longbow.

    In order to harness high ‘potential energy’ for casting we utilised butt diameter as well as material to deliver loading. However the medium taper sees the Longbow release rapidly but with less eye watering speed of the Basia. This recovery is enhanced too by the weight saving from the minima 4 guides.

    In addition the four test curves at 12’ (2.25lb, 3lb, 3.5lb, & 3.75lb) we also offer a Floater Special, a Spod and a Spod n marker model.
  19. Powermesh carp rods have an excellent reputation for power and durability with plenty of fish playing action. These reinforced blanks will deliver superior casting performance with all models comfortable punching beyond 100yds. The shorter 9’ stalking model is ideal for close range action or for when landing fish from a boat may be called for.
  20. The new Horizon X4 rods benefit from a high modulus, multi-directional carbon construction with a full 2K weave wrap, resulting in a lightweight, crisp action
    Anti-tangle guides
    Fuji 18mm DPS reel seat
    Gloss Finish
    Understated cosmetics
    40mm butt ring on all 10ft models plus both 12ft 2.75lb models - 50mm butt ring on all other models
    Abbreviated and slim cork handle options available
    Spod/Marker rods also available in 12ft and 13ft both with 50mm butt
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