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  1. -38% Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat - Standard
    Chub X-Tra Protection Beanie Mat, made from extreme soft and durable material with a High density foam centre and a Raised outer filled with polystyrene beads. Folds together for easy carrying.
  2. -21% Fox FX Rod Jacket - 10ft
    The Fox FX Rod Jacket has been designed to hold a single made up rod and reel with a host of features to give complete protection and yet allow easy a
  3. -43% JRC Cocoon 2G HI Care Mat JRC Cocoon 2G HI Care Mat
    The folding system means it can be (set up or) packed away quickly leaving a low profile design that is easy to store. The hinge system allows us to use an extra think mattress for great fish protection. Once packed away this mat is self contained without the stink bag.
  4. -36% JRC Defender Beanie Unhooking Mat JRC Defender Beanie Unhooking Mat
    This mat offers fish protection through using Polyballs as the mattress, this provides great fish protection whilst being combined with the foam perimeter and Velcro-down fish safety flap. Utilising a folding design for easy transportation.
  5. -41% Shimano Tribal Baiting Pouch Shimano Tribal Baiting Pouch
    Convenient bumbag style baiting pouch with an extra long waist belt, catapult loop and internal thermal lining. Smaller Organised Compact Design sizing for neat Carryall fitting.
  6. -41% Shimano Tribal Giant Protection Mat
    Designed for giant carp. With a length of 140cm this mat will cope with all carp. The large size offers maximum of fl exibility in handling and perfect protection
  7. Organised compact design
    Internal mesh pocket
    Fold down separators
    Easy-find name location
    Hard Skin body

    Small case dimensions: 13cm x 26cm x 12.5cm
    Large case dimensions: 27cm x 26cm x 12.5cm
  8. The SK-TEK Airdry Bags are constructed from freezer proof rubberised mesh so you can freeze bait in-between sessions. They have a nifty, ‘hang anywhere’ clip to help you keep bait safe and dry. Built to last with large No.10 coil zips and reinforced webbing and carry handles. Available in three sizes, 3kg 5kg 10kg, all of which conveniently fit the SK-TEK cool bags as part of a modular system.
  9. Available in standard and large size, these are designed as dual purpose floating weight sling and short-term fish retainer. Full mesh sides and base are quick draining and sculpted to hold the fish centrally. The top and end panels are SK-TEK camo material to help keep the fish calm in the water.
  10. -21% Trakker NXG Tackle and Rig Pouch Trakker NXG Tackle and Rig Pouch
    Tackle/rig pouch with a clear PVC lid
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