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  1. The perfect, all-round hook pattern to suit almost any presentation. Designed by Martin Locke as the 'ultimate carp hook' the Stronghold 101s boast a needle-sharp, straight point, straight eye and a wide gape for ultimate hooking potential.

    Incredibly strong and able to cope with even the most extreme of situations, these hooks boast a revolutionary, Mute Camo finish, which is both dull and ultra durable. Not only does this make the hooks all but disappear on most lake beds, it also enables each hook to maintain its sharpness for longer.

    Available in sizes 1 to 10.
  2. Made from solid stainless steel bar and supplied with a pair of P1 Goalpost Converters. These feature the P1 5-Spoke knurled collars and our original Pozi-Loc perfect alignment system. Compatible with Solar pods, and all Solar banksticks.
  3. This 5-in-1 baiting tool, is the only baiting tool you will ever need. Supplied with four needles, a boilie needle, a fine, maggot needle, a PVA stick/stringer needle and a fine, nut drill, each can be eaisly and securely attached to the easy-grip handle in a matter of seconds, giving you the perfect baiting tool for any situation.
  4. A high-grade, stainless-steel indicator chain with a black finish that features a black, plastic fitting at either end. These fit all Solar indicator heads, inclding the new heads for the Titanium system, as well as being compatible with indicators from a range of other manufacturers.
  5. A simple, but essential tool, this Boilie Needle is one of the most versatile available. The sharp, fine boilie needle easily penetrates even the hardest baits, and the fine profile ensures that it can be used on baits as small as 10mm without splitting them. The thicker section of needle, close to the handle, provides and easy tool for opening up braided hair loops to make inserting a boilie stop easier, and the back of the handle features a boilie-stop dispencer, so they are always to hand when needed. This can be easily refilled with boilie stops as needed.
  6. -20% Solar Bow-Loc Landing Net Float Solar Bow-Loc Landing Net Float
    Ultra bouyant net float with a durable, olive green, nylon covering and neoprene ends. Sporting the Solar Tackle label, this subtle net float is compatible with most landing net handles thanks to the ‘stretchy’ neoprene ends.
  7. Each tub is packed to the top with ultra-buoyant, flavour boosted pop-ups in a washed-out pink colour. With a sweet, irresistible smell/taste, you’ll know that these are a guaranteed bite the minute you take the lid off and have a sniff!
  8. The Club Mix needs no introduction with its long history and impecible reputation. No other bait has accounted for more big fish captures around the world than ‘The Club’. Together with the legendary Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer liquid and Stimulin Amino Compound, Solar have now reintroduced their original Anchovy Concentrate. When this combination of attractors comes together it’s easy to see why ‘The Club’ is quite simply second to none.
  9. 1m long, 40lb Contour Unleaded leaders with a spliced loop at either end, these are the perfect leader for any presentation and every situation.
  10. Contour Unleaded is a unique, heavyweight braid that makes for the ultimate leader material. It sinks like leadcore, but with the absence of the lead-wire inner Contour Unleaded is infinately more supple and is memory free so hugs the contours of the lakebed better than any other leader material, giving you the perfect presentation every time.
  11. While the classic, and immensely productive, Dairy Cream boilies have been super seeded, the pop-ups have remained in the range by popular demand. Based on the Savay Seed Mix and with Ester Cream flavour, among others, this white, creamy-smelling bait is one of the most popular hook bait Solar produces.
  12. Stainless steel converters that allow you to use any buzz bar as a goal-post set up. Precision engineered in the UK, simply drop your buzz bar into the top of these converters, tighten the thumbscrews and then attach your bankstick to turn any buzz bar into a goalpost set up. The 3/4" BSF thread is compatible with most banksticks. Solar in pairs.
  13. -20% Solar Ipro Grip Clip Solar Ipro Grip Clip
    The best line clip on the market and the easy way to improve your bite indication. The new iPRO Grip Clip is suited to both tight-line and slack-line fishing and works perfectly with both mono and braid main lines.
  14. -20% Solar Hair Gauge Tool Solar Hair Gauge Tool
    An ingenious tool that ensures you get the perfect hair length every time you tie a rig. It measures hairs from 10mm to 40mm, easily fits into your tackle box and measurements are printed on both sides for ease of use for both right and left-handed anglers.
  15. The brightest isotopes available, the IPRO Isotopes glow for years on end and exactly fit the IPRO Heads. Measuring 15mm x 3mm, they are available in red, green, yellow and blue/purple.
  16. These baits are not only loaded with liquid Ester Pineapple flavour and boast a hi-viz yellow colour. This winning formula is one that anglers instantly recognise as a successful combination and no carp angler’s rucksack shold be without a pot of pineapple pop-ups. Based on a high-leakage-mix recipe, this is one of Solar's most popular pop-ups in both summer and winter alike.
  17. These food-based liquids represent the next level of feed stimulation around your hook bait. The highly soluble formulas are packed with nutrients and attractors, drawing fish directly to them, giving you the best chance possible of inducing a take.

    Use as a dip or glue to give your baits an edge.
  18. -35% Solar Mixmaster Ester Cream Liquid Additive (100ml) Solar Mixmaster Ester Cream Liquid Additive (100ml)
    Used in a number of Solar Bait recipies, Club & Cream and Dairy Cream for example, this smooth, creamy flavour is the perfect addition to both sweet and savoury baits. Being an ester flavour it works perfectly right through the year and is not denatured by the boiling of the baits.
  19. -35% Solar Mixmaster Ester Pineapple Liquid Additive (100ml)
    One of the all-time classic flavours, Ester Pineapple needs no introduction. With pineapple pop-ups still one of carp fishing’s most popular baits and with this flavour being one of the key liquid ingredients to our Pineapple Secret range, this is one of the best selling liquid flavours Solar produces.
  20. -35% Solar Mixmaster Ester Strawberry Liquid Additive (100ml)
    This ester-based, concentrated flavour is the perfect addition to any fruity or pop-up recipe. Being an ester it works in all water temperatures and is not denatured by the boiling process of the baits. Ester Strawberry is one of the ingredients of our Jacko pop-ups, where it’s been producing take after take for years.
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