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Weigh Bars/Crooks

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  1. The robustly crafted Century Neville Weigh Bar is designed to have two functions. Firstly as a strong weigh bar with stainless steel weigh hook and secondly the hook can be unscrewed and the bar screwed into your banksticks to help push them into hard ground.
  2. Simply screw the Cygnet Easy Lift Weigh Hook into a landing net pole or our Cygnet Easy Lift Weigh Pole.
  3. The Cygnet Easy Lift Weigh Bar enables easy lifting of your scales to accurately record the weights of your fish.
  4. -5% Fox Weigh Bar inc case Fox Weigh Bar inc case
    This dual purpose weigh bar features a compact design and comes supplied in its own protective carry case.
  5. The Gardner Power Lifter Weigh Bar is a dual purpose weigh bar and the most versatile weigh bar available. The Gardner Power Lifter Weigh Bar can be u
  6. New JRC designed weigh bar for use as handheld or on a weigh pole.
  7. Offers a simple yet super strong support for weighing your catch. Lightweight aluminium tube has a carbineer clip. Designed attach your scales quickly and easily
  8. Weigh bars allow the scales to hang freely and result in better weight readings. More compact than a tripod, and ideal for the roving angler.
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