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Scales Pouches

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  1. Designed for popular round dial scales
  2. New-20% Gardner Large Scales Pouch
    The Gardner Large Scales Pouch is a well-padded pouch manufactured from durable waterproof material designed specifically to hold and protect large di
  3. -20% JRC Defender Scales Pouch JRC Defender Scales Pouch
    Fully padded for extra protection, Hard wearing and water resistant.
  4. -41% Shimano Tribal Scales Pouch Shimano Tribal Scales Pouch
    Features a foam internal cut out for full protection of scales and internal pocket accessories. Larger Organised Compact Design sizing for neat Carryall fitting.
  5. -20% Solar SP Scales Pouch
    Padded, zipped storgage pouch for your weigh scales, made from the same ultra-hard-wearing, PU-backed, waterproof material as the entire SP luggage range.
  6. -20% Wychwood System Select Scales Pouch
    This scales pouch has been designed specifically to fit the products in Wychwood's best-selling T-bar Scales range.
Set Descending Direction