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Scales and Weighing

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  1. -29% Chub Digital Scales
    A 30kg/66lb capacity in 25g/1oz divisions provides a high level of accuracy and the generous zero/tare facility will accommodate the largest of weigh slings. The load stability recognition and hold facility makes the weighing and recording process quick and simple to use.
  2. Designed for popular round dial scales
  3. -5% Fox Weigh Bar inc case Fox Weigh Bar inc case
    This dual purpose weigh bar features a compact design and comes supplied in its own protective carry case.
  4. New-20% Gardner Large Scales Pouch
    The Gardner Large Scales Pouch is a well-padded pouch manufactured from durable waterproof material designed specifically to hold and protect large di
  5. -20% JRC Cocoon 2G Weigh Hook JRC Cocoon 2G Weigh Hook
    New JRC designed weigh bar for use as handheld or on a weigh pole.
  6. -20% JRC Defender Scales Pouch JRC Defender Scales Pouch
    Fully padded for extra protection, Hard wearing and water resistant.
  7. -20% Korda 25th Anniversary Scales - 60lb / 1oz Divisions Korda 25th Anniversary Scales - 60lb / 1oz Divisions
    Limited Edition Korda 25th Anniversary Scales built by Reuben Heaton, 60lb in 1oz divisions.
  8. -10% Nash Weigh Tripod Nash Weigh Tripod
    Eliminates needle shake or bounce when weighing big fish.
    Rated to support a minimum of over 200 lb (approx. 90 kg)
  9. -20% Reuben Heaton Series 7000 66lb Digital Scales
    Reuben Heaton Series 7000 66lb Digital Scales are high performance digital scales capable of weighing specimen fish and performing to high standards.
  10. -20% Saber Digital Scales (110lb)
    Saber Digital Scales come packed with a host of features making them easy to use, superbly accurate and remarkably small. Strong, folding arms mean you can easily lift them and a sturdy eye fitting means you can mount them from a tripod or weigh bar. A large, backlit display means the scales are easy to read, night or day and they are simple to zero on a sling and to switch between kilos to pounds and ounces. The scales weigh up to 110lb/50kg in 1oz/20g increments. There is even an auto shutdown function and a low battery indicator.
  11. -41% Shimano Tribal Scales Pouch Shimano Tribal Scales Pouch
    Features a foam internal cut out for full protection of scales and internal pocket accessories. Larger Organised Compact Design sizing for neat Carryall fitting.
  12. -20% Solar SP Scales Pouch
    Padded, zipped storgage pouch for your weigh scales, made from the same ultra-hard-wearing, PU-backed, waterproof material as the entire SP luggage range.
  13. -20% Wychwood System Select Scales Pouch
    This scales pouch has been designed specifically to fit the products in Wychwood's best-selling T-bar Scales range.
  14. -21% Wychwood T-Bar Dual Screen Digital Scales 60lb
    The T-Bar Dual Screen Scales have been designed to make that special moment of weighing a new personal best everything it needs to be - simple, safe and effective.
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