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Carp Rods

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  1. Fox's brand-new Torque range of carp rods are designed to bridge the gap between our entry level Warrior S and the top-end Horizon ranges. Thanks to advances in carbon technology we have been able to use a high quality carbon construction that has enabled us to produce a rod that is amongst the strongest and lightest ever made in this price bracket. Understated cosmetics give these rods that ‘custom built’ look and these combined with the incredible performance could make the end user easily believe they were using a rod of twice the price! There are five fishing rods in the range comprising of three abbreviated handle models plus two full, skinny Duplon models. In addition there is a 4.5lb Marker Rod and a 5.5lb Spod Rod both of which have abbreviated handles. All of the rods in the Torque range feature 18mm Fuji reel seats with black fixing hoods not to mention Fox's own black Slik guides.
  2. -21% Fox Warrior S 3 Piece Rod - 12ft 3lb / Abbreviated (3pc)
    The multi award winning Warrior S range needs very little introduction as it has, for many years now, been one of the most popular ‘entry level’ carp rods on the market.
  3. High quality carp rods with TOREON nano composite blanks. This results in a stronger and lighter material but in no way restricts the action that can be achieved. Designed first and foremost as a performance fishing rod, the action has been developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing capability combined with exceptional casting performance. The four models in the range cover any Carp fishing situation you're ever likely to encounter.
  4. -40% Greys AirCurve Carp Rods - Abreviated 13ft 3.5lb Greys AirCurve Carp Rods - Abreviated 13ft 3.5lb
    The AirCurve Carp Rod has taken over three years to develop and is the first Greys rod to utilise our new Toreon® nano composite material technology. Toreon® composite engineering provides a uniform dispersion of nano particles throughout the resin that binds the carbon fibres together.
  5. The Prodigy Apex can be best described as the ultimate Prodigy carp rod. The redesigned rod blank is built with Toreon nano composite material technology. This not only makes the blank incredibly slim and lightweight but also gives it increased strength and finesse. Available in:
    Prodigy Apex 10ft - 3.00lb,
    Prodigy Apex 12ft - 2.75lb,
    Prodigy Apex 12ft - 3.00lb,
    Prodigy Apex 12ft - 3.25lb,
    Prodigy Apex 50 12ft - 3.00lb,
    Prodigy Apex 50 12ft - 3.25lb,
    Prodigy Apex 50 12ft - 3.50lb,
    Prodigy Apex 50 13ft - 3.50lb.
  6. The Greys Prodigy GT4 is the fourth generation of the class leading Prodigy carp rod platform. With a completely redesigned blank incorporating high modulus woven carbon fibre we’ve taken performance up a notch. The smooth progressive action that the prodigy is famous for has been retained with some subtle tweaks to bring it bang up to date for current tactics. Available in:
    Prodigy GT4 10ft - 3.00lb
    Prodigy GT4 12ft - 2.75lb
    Prodigy GT4 12ft - 3.00lb
    Prodigy GT4 12ft - 3.25lb
    Prodigy GT4 50 12ft - 3.00lb
    Prodigy GT4 50 12ft - 3.25lb
    Prodigy GT4 50 12ft - 3.50lb
    Prodigy GT4 50 13ft - 3.50lb
  7. Greys best ever carp rod. Lighter, more responsive, stronger, and more accurate. The Powerlux™ nano resin carbon construction allows you to have the best of both worlds; power and accuracy when casting through fantastic weight to strength ratio, and superb fish playing capability through greys most advanced carp rod action to date.
  8. Torrix blanks are finished with a 1k plain weave on the butt section and unidirectional carbon on the tip. Matching Spod, Marker and landing net handle also available.
  9. -50% JRC Cocoon 2G Carp Rod - 10ft 3lb
  10. -49% JRC Cocoon 2G Carp Rod - 12ft 3lb 50mm
    JRC Cocoon 2G Carp Rods. LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!
    RRP £64.99 Erics Price £29.99
  11. The rods feature a high modulus slim carbon blank with a full Cork handle. The float versions are perfect for short early morning or summer evening stalking sessions. Thanks to the parabolic action, it has the ideal buffer for close range angling.
  12. The Extreme TX rod range offers a rod for everybody, from the compact 10' versions including two rods designed for boat fishing, through to the very popular choices of 12' 3.00lb, 3.25lb and completing the range with the long distance 3.50lb, 3.75lb versions. This very versatile range has the rod for you with the correct blank action to suit the fishing type. To complement this extensive range there is also a Spod/Marker rod. The whole range utilises modern carbon blank design and the latest trends in guides and reel seats.
  13. Embrace the opportunist fishing lifestyle with the top selling Dwarf range that just got even better, thanks to the fantastic new abbreviated handles and understated styling. Available in:
    6ft 1lb, 2lb & 3lb
    9ft 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.5lb & 4.5lb
    10ft 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.5lb & 4.5lb
  14. Recognising the retractable butt design is a game changer for all, Nash have developed the Dwarf ES to bring short rod mobility and practicality to everyone

    The same super short packdown as the world beating Dwarf series, strong, progressive actions and complete with fitted line clip, matte black whippings, anti-frap tip guide and stylish duplon and shrink fittings.
  15. Nash KNX Carp Rods outcast and outperform the opposition, all in understated style, Now available with Abbreviated Shrink grips as well as full duplon.
  16. NR Toro Rods
    Pick up an NR Toro, cast an NR Toro and then compare it against the other top end rods - performance is everything.
  17. Legendary Nash Pursuit performance is back, true work horses worthy of the iconic name. Pursuits deliver crisp performance from virtually indestructible fast recovery low resin blanks. Available in
    Abbreviated - 7ft 3lb, 10ft 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb,12ft 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb SUS & 13ft 3.5lb SUS
    Shrink - 12ft 3.25lb & 12ft 3.5lb SUS
    Cork - 12ft 3.25lb & 12ft 3.5lb SUS
    12ft 4.5lb Spod / Marker Duo
  18. A dedicated isotope to fit your scope rods and landing net. 9mm x 1.5mm x 3mm, green.
  19. Now available by popular demand the world beating Scope performance and reduced packdown with slick cosmetics including abbreviated Japanese shrink grips. Available in:
    6ft (Sawn Off) 2lb & 3lb
    9ft 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb S & 4.5lb
    10ft 3lb, 3.25, 3.5lb S & 4.5lb
  20. Built around extreme strength high modulus blanks that blend 24 and 30 tonne carbon with a strengthening cross wrap and 1K weave the new 2019 Black Ops series rods are beyond comparison.
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