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Carp Rods

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  1. Carrying the same MT profile of the original Infinity DF’s Daiwa's design team have perfected the application of X45 within the main compression zones, improving even further the power delivery, recovery and torque resistance which leads to even better distance casting accuracy.
  2. The unbeatable ability of the Infinity Magnum Taper now reaches for whole new level thanks to the application of AGS - Air Guide System.
  3. The popular Magnum Taper has continued to serve the discerning European carper who seeks distance with pinpoint accuracy combined with versatile fish playing.
  4. After the amazing success of the Infinity DF Special Carp Rods Danny Fairbrass wasn't finished designing. Enter the Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods. With a
  5. Where Daiwa have applied bias technology to the advantage of the Basia rod performance, we have mirrored this blank evolution in the shape of the Longbow.

    In order to harness high ‘potential energy’ for casting we utilised butt diameter as well as material to deliver loading. However the medium taper sees the Longbow release rapidly but with less eye watering speed of the Basia. This recovery is enhanced too by the weight saving from the minima 4 guides.

    In addition the four test curves at 12’ (2.25lb, 3lb, 3.5lb, & 3.75lb) we also offer a Floater Special, a Spod and a Spod n marker model.
  6. Embracing all the pedigree from the ranges above, these slim premium blanks will perform well above their price tag. Furnished to Danny Fairbrass’s specification they feature slim shrink tube handle, 50mm butt guide and a low glare matt finish.

    Available Options
    12ft 2.75lb
    12ft 3lb
    12ft 3.5lb
  7. Powermesh carp rods have an excellent reputation for power and durability with plenty of fish playing action. These reinforced blanks will deliver superior casting performance with all models comfortable punching beyond 100yds. The shorter 9’ stalking model is ideal for close range action or for when landing fish from a boat may be called for.
  8. -14% E.C.U. Empera Distance Classic Carp Rod - 12ft 3.5lb E.C.U. Empera Distance Classic Carp Rod - 12ft 3.5lb
    2 years extensive development sees the release of this very special carp rod. full 1k outer weave in a chestnut and amber hue tint. Fuji k series anti frap guides.
  9. The new ESP Onyx rods are available in two popular test curves, 12’ 3.0lb and 12’ 3.25lb, both with 50mm distance ringing. Light, well balanced and responsive the slim high modulus blanks feature a traditional unground finish which gives them a nice ‘old school’ look.
  10. A powerful rod designed especially for distance casting whilst retaining good fish playing characteristics to prevent hook pulls around the net. Ideal with leads of 3oz+ and PVA bags.
  11. ESP Terry Hearn Classic 12ft 9in 3.25lb 40mm
  12. This Classic rod is Terry's favourite fishing rod, It is a rod for the purist and can be used in most fishing situations. Its 12ft 9 inches long and this is Terry's preferred length as he can cast over 100 metres with great accuracy using a wide range of different lead sizes.
  13. These new rods have been extensively tested and refined to Terry's exacting standards. The blanks use the latest high modulus carbon cloths, reinforced with a tough, durable woven overwrap.
  14. Fox's lowest priced rods ever - offering unrivalled value for money
  15. Thanks to advancements in carbon technology Fox have been able to replace our hugely popular Horizon range of rods with this new and improved Horizon X range. The Horizon X is a very comprehensive range with no less than 12 models featuring comprising three different handle options, lengths of 10, 12 and 13ft plus test curves ranging from as low as 2.25lb right up to 3.5lb so there really is something for everyone. All of the models in the range now feature a 2k diagonal carbon wrap on the butt and a 1k diagonal carbon wrap on the tip (as opposed to a 3k on butt and 2k on tip on original Horizon), which makes them not only much stronger but also greatly aids their performance too as the stronger butt section enables you ‘punch’ a lead much harder on the cast whilst the tip recovery is faster allowing those vital extra yards to be added! In addition due to advances in technology the blanks are lighter than previously, which again aids the performance across the whole range. You will also notice that the new Horizon X feature a few cosmetic changes to the old Horizons, which we feel gives them a more modern, understated feel. All models in the range now feature black fixing hoods on the Fuji 18mm reel seats and black Fox Slik Anti-Tangle Guides throughout. In terms of handle options you there are 3 models that feature an sexy, skinny Duplon handle and three models that feature a skinny cork handle too. We also have six models that come supplied with a standard abbreviated handle option.
  16. The new Horizon X3 rods offer unbelievable value for money and are ideal for anglers on tight budgets that still want unrivalled Fox quality
    High modulus, lightweight carbon blank construction that provides superb all round performance
    Multi-directional carbon construction
    Anti-tangle guides
    18mm DPS-style reel seat
    Black fittings and whippings
    Understated graphics
    40mm butt ring on all 10ft models plus both 12ft 2.75lb models as well as a 12ft 3lb Abbreviated option - 50mm butt ring on all other models including a 12ft 3lb abbreviated option
    Abbreviated and slim cork handle options available
    5lb Spod/Marker rods also available in 12ft and 13ft both with 50mm butt
  17. The new Horizon X4 rods benefit from a high modulus, multi-directional carbon construction with a full 2K weave wrap, resulting in a lightweight, crisp action
    Anti-tangle guides
    Fuji 18mm DPS reel seat
    Gloss Finish
    Understated cosmetics
    40mm butt ring on all 10ft models plus both 12ft 2.75lb models - 50mm butt ring on all other models
    Abbreviated and slim cork handle options available
    Spod/Marker rods also available in 12ft and 13ft both with 50mm butt
  18. The new Horizon X5 rods are Fox's greatest ever distance casting rods, simple to cast yet flies to the "Horizon"
  19. -34% Fox Horizon XT K Carp Rods - 12ft
    Fox Horizon XT K Carp Rods have been created as an out and out distance tool.
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