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Rod Pods

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  1. -51% Chub Precision Lite Pod Base
    Convert your existing Precision Lite setup into a stable pod system that is ideal for fishing from platforms or hard ground.
  2. -21% Cygnet Quicklock D/L Pod - 32 - 57"
    Featherlight slim robust yet covert; the Cygnet Quicklock D/L Pod is perfect for UK-style angling. Powder coated tubular aluminium construction delive
  3. -20% Fox Black Label Complete Pod 3 Rod Kit Fox Black Label Complete Pod 3 Rod Kit
    Contains all the items needed to create a fully setup 3-Rod Black Label Compact Rod Pod
  4. The new Horizon Duo Pod bears little resemblance to the original Horizon Pod and is now more like a bigger twin rail version of our Stalker Pod.
  5. The MK2 is available in both a 3-rod and 4-rod version and benefits from many of the great features of the original Ranger but with the added benefit of a number of improvements that help to make this possibly the most versatile rod pod ever released!
  6. -21% Fox Stalker 2-3 Pod Plus inc. Case & Buzz Bars
    The new Stalker Pod Plus is a revamped version of the original Stalker
  7. -12% JAG 316 Super Compact Pod Kit
    The 316 Pod Kit is hand built in England by JAG and as the name suggests is manufactured entirely from the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Ev
  8. -20% JAG Black Range Super Compact Pod Base
    The Black Range Super Compact Pod Base is a super light and fast set-up design that when packed down measures a tiny 11 inches by 3.5 inches! Being a
  9. -20% JAG Black Range Super Compact Pod Kit
    The Black Range Pod Kit is hand built in England by JAG and intelligent weight loss machining from solid aluminium ensures extreme performance. The un
  10. -20% JAG Black Super Compact Pod Kit - Adjustable
    The JAG Black Super Compact Pod Kit is a super light and fast setup design. It is not only the perfect pod, it can also be used as a Buzz-Bar setup, a Snag Bar setup or even a single stick setup. In the kit you have the pod base that packs down in seconds to a tiny 11in by 3.5in, quality UK made bag, three-rod adjustable Snag Bars/Buzz Bars, Snag Converters and Allen Key, two 9in and two 7in adjustable Banksticks and Alarm Aligners.
  11. -20% JRC Cocoon Carbon Quad Pod JRC Cocoon Carbon Quad Pod
    After the success of the aluminium version of the Cocoon Quad-Pod, we have taken pod design to the next level by producing a version in carbon, not just any carbon blend, but utilising 30T carbon which provides the ultimate in strength and lightness. The Cocoon Quad Pod with its four central leg system is designed for all-terrain from wooden platforms to very uneven hard ground. Whatever bankside conditions you are faced with the Cocoon Quad Pod will offer a rock solid set-up
  12. -20% JRC X-Lite Pod Base Adaptors JRC X-Lite Pod Base Adaptors
    These clever Pod Base Adaptors transform your banksticks and buzzer bars into a solid pod within seconds. This ultimate 'X-Lite' product it fits inside the pocket of your jacket!
  13. The most flexible pod design yet, the Globetrotter offers endless options for any swim or situation, from staying low profile on a small syndicate to extending the front legs to suit extreme natural venues like big rivers and inland seas. Yet the Globetrotter packs down into a tiny 60cm carry bag!
  14. -10% Nash KNX 3 Rod Pod
    The super compact KNX Pods offer single solution go anywhere rod support with micro style. Adjustable length main bars and fold out compact support legs ensure stable rod set ups on almost any bank, from platforms and staging to inpenetrable gravel.
  15. -10% Nash Pocket Pod Nash Pocket Pod
    The compact, ultra cult pod from the Nash stable – brought back by popular demand. Perfect for Sawn-Off and Scope and Dwarf users offering maximum stability with a wide footprint and angled leg profiles, yet remaining ultra light and packing down to just 31cm x 18cm.
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