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Rod Protection Accessory

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  1. -21% Trakker NXG Tip Protectors
    Trakker NXG Tip Protectors have been designed to prevent rod tips from getting damaged in transit. Trakker NXG Tip Protectors have a padded lining for
  2. -21% Trakker NXG Spod & Marker Holster
    A convenient means of securely housing your marker float set-up, spod or other baiting device for easy transportation. The soft neoprene construction ensures your rod blank is protected from dents and other abrasions.
  3. -21% Trakker NXG Single Elasticated Reel System Trakker NXG Single Elasticated Reel System
    Protection and organisation for both rods and reels featuring a padded, Velcro-fastened reel pouch with two elastically-attached neoprene tip protectors. This system is full adjustable accommodating 10, 12, 13ft rods and the biggest pit reels.
  4. Keep the tip and butt sections of your rod safe and secure with these neat protectors. They are made from neoprene and come with a webbing strap which holds them in place.
  5. Neoprene Rod Bands are a simple, lightweight means of binding individual rod sections together for convenient transportation. Constructed from high quality neoprene, the textured backing grips the blank well, whilst the soft padded nature of the fabric provides cushioning between each rod section. The addition of a unique elasticated loop on each Band provides secure attachment; place the loop over a rod ring, wrap around a single rod section and then around both sections. They can be used as the sole means of securing your rods together during transportation or in conjunction with our individual rod sleeves, Quiver, Rod Holdalls or Compact Rod Holdalls. Using Neoprene Rod Bands is the first step to ensure your rods are well protected between sessions
  6. Protects your hook points during transit. Also stops hooks damaging valuable rod rings and snagging luggage etc. Pack of 2.To use simply slide your ho
  7. These rod straps are longer than most on the market, which means that they can hold your lead and both sections of your rod together when you pack away.
  8. An extendable version of Thinking Anglers popular Tip Tops, designed to fit any rod from 3ft to 13ft, thanks to an extendable elastic section. Also, these have shorter pouches to fit rods with 50mm eyes, built closer to the spigot. They will protect your rod sections at both ends and hold them together while in transit. These have proven very popular with anglers who own one of the telescopic or three-piece stalking rods currently available.
  9. Two padded tip tops, connected with a length of elastic, which prevents you losing one or the other. They will protect your rod sections at both ends and hold them safely together.
  10. Offering extra protection to the tip and butt ends of your rods. The SK-Tek Tip protectors are made from thicker 3mm neoprene and have a double thickness design that offers more protection to each end of your rod.
  11. Sonik's popular Neoprene tip protectors now available with an elastic connection. Fully compatible with all 2-section carp rods 9-13ft in length. They are also compatible with the SK-TEK Reel wrap so you can create a lightweight rod and reel protection system that is great for use on quivers or the outside of multi rod sleeves.
  12. The SK-TEK reel wrap is made from HD 600D PVC backed SK-TEK camo pattern material with a smooth padded lining. Sized to accept even the biggest reels and with a handy external lead pocket. The Sonik SK-Tek Elastic Rod And Reel Protector comes complete with the Sonik elasticated tip protectors to create a lightweight rod and reel protection system
  13. A pair of neoprene-backed, Velcro rod wraps. Each pair has one wide wrap, for your rod butts, and a thinner wrap for the rod tips. Black, with a rubberised Solar logo.
  14. Luxury bivvy mat or no-splash-back rod mat with a quality, astro-turf covering, adding that touch of luxury to your home from home.
  15. Nash Tip Tops Connect (New) An invaluable Nash accessory to keep your rod tips and butts tensioned together when transporting rods.
  16. The proven Nash system of padded pouches connected via a length of heavy duty elastic.
    Tip Tops for both 9 and 10 ft Retractable Butt rods or a shorter Sawn-Off Tip Tops Connect for six foot fans.
  17. The proven Nash system of padded tip and butt pouches connected via a length of heavy duty elastic, providing tip and butt rod protection as well as holding rod sections together for ease of fitting in rod skins and holdalls.
  18. Nash Rod Mat (New) A big seller - back in vogue for slack lining instead of putting indicators on the floor.
  19. -10% Nash Quiver (New)
    Nash Quiver (New) High capacity and high protect quiver for all your rod luggage, nets, metalware, throwing sticks and more.
  20. Nash Lead Bands (New) Eliminates damage from leads when carrying rigged up rods. Sold singly.
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