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Rod Protection Accessory

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  1. 50mm Rod Ring Protectors
    New for 2016 these neoprene ring protectors cover the 50mm butt rings commonly found on high end casting rods. Due to their size these rod guides can easily get knocked and damage occurs to the glass ring linings.
  2. Neoprene Rod Straps
    Neoprene rod straps enable the blanks of a rod to be bound together safely during transit. A simple, light weight design that's kind to your rods.
  3. Neoprene Tip & Butt Protectors
    Updated for 2016, these neoprene tip and butt protectors offer the optimum protection to spigots and tip rings when in transit. Simple strap fitting and very effective, these are ideal for use with our Roving quiver and RS quivers.
  4. -20% Avid Tuned Elasticated Rod Sling Avid Tuned Elasticated Rod Sling
    The Elasticated Rod Sling conbines both a Reel Protector & an Elasticated Tip & Butt Protector.
  5. -23% Chub Vantage Neoprene Rod Bands
    2 straps in a pack
    Zipped lead pocket in larger strap
    Stretchy neoprene for just the right amount of tension
    Velcro closure – secure but still quick and easy to remove

  6. -21% Chub Vantage Tip Tectors
    Slim design and hard wearing 600D material with a reinforced tip section for extra protection. Sold in pairs along with a Velcro rod band to keep rods neat and tidy and avoid any possible damage.
  7. The Cygnet Wide Splash Mat is built for larger reels, those that like some space between their rods or to add extra peripheral protection while it comes complete with 4 ground spikes and sets off any buzzer bar set-up perfectly.
  8. The Specialist Rod Socks allow the angler to protect their rods during transit.
  9. The Specialist Rod Straps are designed to keep rods sections secure during transit.
  10. ESP Rod Socks:- ESP Rod Socks are a simple popular method of securing and protecting made up rods for transport.- They are lightweight easy to use and
  11. Unique Fox Camo print Neoprene protectors that tip and butt sections slot into for secure transportation
    Wider protector for the butt grip, whilst narrower ones goes at tip end
    Velcro fastening to secure protectors in place
  12. Unique Fox Camo pattern
    Quilted padding to protect your reels in transit
    Rod tip protectors are joined by heavy duty elastic to fit all rods from 10ft to 13ft
    Zipped lead pocket
  13. -11% Fox Camolite XL Rod Tip Protector Fox Camolite XL Rod Tip Protector
    Unique Fox Camo pattern
    Solid end to protect rod tips
  14. -15% Fox Neoprene Rod & Leads Bands
    Manufactured from soft neoprene, the Fox Rod and Lead Bands are ideal for securing your rods with your leads whilst they are in storage or in transit.
  15. -6% Fox Tip and Butt Protectors
    The padded tops are secured by the velcro wrap to ensure that both ends of your rod are fully protected.
  16. These ‘Rod and Lead Straps’ have been designed to retain the lead when you are packing your rods away with the rigs still attached.
  17. New Gardner Standard Rod Tip Protector
    The Gardner Standard Rod Tip Protector is a padded sheath for protecting the tips and spigots of a folded down rod. The Gardner Standard Rod Tip Prote
  18. New Gardner XL Rod Tip Protector
    The Gardner XL Rod Tip Protector is perfect for use with all types of rods whatever type of fishing you enjoy. The Gardner XL Rod Tip Protector gives
  19. -17% Greys Prodigy Rod Bands
    These neoprene rod bands are simple but very effective for strapping your tackled up 2 or 3 section rods together. The soft neoprene material is extremely stretchy, allowing just the right tension, while the Velcro locking feature provides a very firm grip.
  20. -15% Greys Prodigy Tip & Butt Protectors
    Neoprene reinforced Prowla Tip & Butt Protectors will keep tackled up two and three piece rods safe in transit. They are less bulky than many similar products, so ready tackled rods will fit more easily into holdalls. The Velcro locking straps are also less tangle prone than cord versions.
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