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  1. Look the part and keep your head protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays (and other nasties from above, you know what we’re saying … ) with RidgeMonkey’s stylish new ‘The General’ Baseball Cap - previously available as a very limited edition, you can now own Dave Levy’s headwear of choice!!
  2. RidgeMonkey Five Panel Cap: the lightly curved peak provides ample protection from the sun while the super comfortable yet highly robust 100% polyester dome resists fade and shrugs aside twigs, brambles and any other bankside foliage that you may find yourself battling through. Adjustable quick release strap, one size fits most.
  3. -20% RidgeMonkey Action Camera AS Adaptor (Head Only) RidgeMonkey Action Camera AS Adaptor (Head Only)
    Ridge Monkey Action Camera AS Adaptor (Head Only)
  4. -20% RidgeMonkey Action Camera Bankstick Adaptor
    Designed to fit action cameras that require the popular two-pronged mounting point, The Action camera bankstick adaptor will screw into any standard bankstick, storm pole, buzzer bar, landing net handle or similar
  5. It can often be a hassle rummaging around in your luggage in search for your vital equipment, but with this brand new product, you have all of your fishing gear out, organised and raring to go.
  6. -20% RidgeMonkey Action Station Base Clamp RidgeMonkey Action Station Base Clamp
    A fully adjustable 3 way clamp that can be used almost anywhere in the swim to open up a whole new world of versatility. All RidgeMonkey Action Station branded products are fully interchangeable, with the base clamp providing the initial support.
  7. -20% Ridgemonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Hopper Extension
    5kg hopper extension for Ridgemonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher
  8. -20% RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Particle Plate RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Particle Plate
    Adapt the RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher with the Particle Plate which has been designed especially to handle particle baits such as tiger nuts, peanuts, maples, maize and most other mid-sized particles. Excellent for use with small boilies to create a finer crumb than the standard Crusher plate. Simple installation procedure, fully interchangeable.
  9. A semi-stiff, hollow translucent sleeve designed to help gently push your rig away from the lead during the cast and on impact with the lakebed, ensuring perfect presentation.
  10. Idea for scooping boilies, pellets, maggots, stirring your spod mix or for loading up spods and Spombs. Available in green and white, with two sizes and styles to choose from: a solid spoon or with drainage holes in the base.
  11. Now with up to 180 hours of continuous use from a single 4 hour charge, these three new Bivvy Lite models sport a compact, lightweight design with magnetic fittings and backing plate that allows fitment to any bivvy, brolly or tent as well as any nearby ferrous metal for your convenience. Incredibly simple to use with simple push button controls, the Bivvy Lite Plus, Pro IR and Elite IR raise the portable lighting bar higher than ever before.
  12. -20% RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo AS Adaptor RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo AS Adaptor
    Attach your Bivvy Lite Duo to the Ridge Monkey Action Station Base Clamp, whether you want to light your swim overnight with an ambient glow or illuminate night-time trophy shots with the full beam, the adaptor brings a whole new versatility to the Bivvy Lite Duo range.
  13. Designed to allow the flexibility to extend the hair length in seconds rather than re-tie the rig: change bait size, create snowman rigs or increase hair separation with minimal fuss. Available in a variety of colours to match or contrast the bait used.
  14. Easy-to-use, CAD designed bait stops with a large flat face and maximum surface area. Essential when hair-rigging baits such as boilies, pellets and sweetcorn, the RM-Tec Boilie Stops come in a variety of colours to match or contrast the bait used.
  15. -20% RidgeMonkey Bucket XL Deep Tray RidgeMonkey Bucket XL Deep Tray
    Designed specifically to fit the 30 litre RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System XL, the Deep Tray XL offers significantly more storage capacity than the standard shallow trays included with the Modular Bucket System XL: floater kit, stalking tackle, boilies, particles, maggots, corn, pellets, the list goes on and on. Completely freezer safe and including a tight fitting lid, the Deep Trays are an invaluable asset to any angler’s armoury – they are a completely standalone product and can be used on their own without the bucket. "Mix & Match" compatibility with the inclusive Modular Bucket System XL Trays.
  16. -20% RidgeMonkey Bucket XL Spare Tray
    Spare XL side trays to fit the RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System: stackable, completely freezer safe and including a tight fitting lid, all Modular Bucket Trays can also be used on their own without the bucket – perfect for a variety of storage applications.
  17. Keep your head warm this winter with the stylish RidgeMonkey camo bobble hat. 100% machine washable polyester.
    Available in two colours. Black/White & Blue/Brown
  18. -20% Ridgemonkey Connect Combi Set Steamer Tray Ridgemonkey Connect Combi Set Steamer Tray
    Turn your RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set into a portable steamer with the Steamer Tray!! Featuring a simple one piece BPA-free construction and three separate food sections, the Steamer Tray opens up a realm of super-healthy alternative possibilities.
  19. The best just got even better!! Super compact, lightweight design featuring a unique detachable hinge system that allows the pans to be used independently if required, one-touch removable handles that securely store at the back of the utensil tray that comes included with every toaster and a fluoropolymer non-stick coating that is second to none, the new RidgeMonkey Connect Compact Sandwich Toasters raise the cookware bar once again!! Perfect for preparing a variety of snacks from a humble toastie right the way through to a full meal and everything in between, a choice of two sizes available.
  20. -20% RidgeMonkey Cozee Bucket Seat RidgeMonkey Cozee Bucket Seat
    Turn your Modular Bucket System XL into a deluxe seat, featuring a luxurious padded cushion and reinforced folding backrest. Fully compatible with all products in the Modular Bucket XL range. Rated to 160kg / 25st.
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