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Baiting Poles, Spoons & Rakes

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  1. -20% Cygnet Baiting Pole Extension 1.5mtr
    Created from the same strong, durable material as our 12m Baiting Pole, the 1.5m extension is the perfect solution for reaching those previously inaccessible areas. The extension has a parallel profile, meaning you can add as many as you need, again and again. Finished in our trademark non-reflective satin black with discreet branding and supplied with protective end caps and a cloth bag.
  2. New-20% Cygnet Baiting Pole Float
    Baiting Spoon Float
    Our Baiting Spoon Float effortlessly supports the heaviest of payloads in any baiting spoon arrangement. It is held in place by locating the 3/8 BSF thread of your spoon through the smaller hole and screwing on to your baiting pole/stick. Then simply adjust the pull cord for a snug fit.
  3. -20% Cygnet Prodding Stick V2 Cygnet Prodding Stick V2
    If you employ a boat in your fishing, you simply can’t afford to be without the Cygnet Prodding Stick. Simply screw the sections together to find the depth (up to 4.8m/16ft) via the easily read markers. Then the Stick will transmit the feel of the bottom substrate to easily identify gravel, clay, silt and feeding spots. Such is the Pole's sensitivity, you can even find subtle variations within areas to pinpoint feeding spots with complete precision.
  4. Four models of Baiting Spoon available, Large - perfect all-rounder for variety of baits including boilies and pellets, Mini - ideal for loading Impact Spods and Spombs, loading bait boat hoppers, for mixing up ingredients and controlled baiting when only small quantities are needed, Boilie – as name suggests perfect for baiting with boilies, Particle - features slots for liquid drainage making it perfect for use with particles.
  5. -20% Fox Distance Baiting Spoon Fox Distance Baiting Spoon
    Super-strong yet lightweight spoon
    Slotted to allow liquid to drain off
    Increased angle for perfect use with a long handle for distance baiting with all baits
  6. New-20% Gardner Baiting Spoon
    The Gardner Baiting Spoon is a large baiting spoon that can be used for accuracte baiting at close range or screwed to a handle for all short to mediu
  7. -20% Gardner Long Baiting Spoon Handle
    The Gardner Long Baiting Spoon Handle is a heavy duty 130cm abbreviated handle perfect for use with the Gardner Baiting Spoon for mass baiting with pa
  8. -20% Gardner Munga Spoons - 2 Per Pack Gardner Munga Spoons - 2 Per Pack
    These Munga Spoons are perfect for stirring up mixed baits for spodding, without getting your hands covered in pungent stinking fermented particle juices, fish oils or other dips that leave you stinking like you have just been expelled from the bowels of Hades!
  9. New-35% Gardner Original Weed Rake
    The Gardner Original Weed Rake was developed by Gardner's very own Lewis Read. The Gardner Original Weed Rake was born on the Car Park Lake at Yateley
  10. -20% Gardner Short Baiting Spoon Handle
    The Gardner Short Baiting Spoon Handle is a five-inch long solid steel handle for use with the Gardner Baiting Spoon. The Gardner Short Baiting Spoon
  11. Nash Deliverance Baiting Spoons available in:

    Particle Spoon
    Particle Spoon With Slots
    Boilie Spoon
    Stealth Spoon
  12. Long Range Throwing Handle. Providing maximum leverage for vastly increased distances with all the Deliverance Spoons.
  13. Idea for scooping boilies, pellets, maggots, stirring your spod mix or for loading up spods and Spombs. Available in green and white, with two sizes and styles to choose from: a solid spoon or with drainage holes in the base.
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