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  1. -40% Daiwa Black Widow Pike 12ft 3lb
    The medium to fast 3lb action of the Black Widow pike rod will let you launch baits accurately at distance but still deliver enough cushion for the lunges under the rod tip.
  2. -16% Daiwa Lexa Deadbait Rod 12ft 3lb Daiwa Lexa Deadbait Rod 12ft 3lb
    The 12’ 3lb ‘casting version’ will cover distance deadbait placement from the bank
  3. The E-Sox Pikeflex 10ft rod features an excellent carbon blank which is light and well balanced with a progressive power play action.
  4. With a 3lb+ test curve, the E-Sox Piker Bait Rod has the power to cast fairly large deadbaits as well as being able to pick up line and set hooks at long range.
  5. The heavy/fast action provides the necessary power for casting big deadbaits and effective hook setting. Features a shorter full cork handle with a carbon inlay design, optimised for boat use. There are also robust anti-frap guides for braid fishing, aligned to provide a dedicated action for the serious boat angler.
  6. Huge reserves of power make this rod perfect for casting big deadbaits to the horizon yet retain enough action to avoid hook pulls on a short line. Make no mistake, this is not another carp rod with 'predator' written on it – the action has been purpose designed for modern pike fishing.
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