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  1. Built to match the performance of many more expensive models, the Carbon Light Material Housing was designed with their concept of staying lightweight, whilst maintaining its toughness which makes it easier to manage.
  2. The outstanding looks of the Fuego LT are complemented by its performance. The ultra-light body, rotor, spool and handle combine to deliver amazing weight saving but durability is maintained thanks to Mag Sealed and Tough Digigear.
  3. Designed with the concept of light, yet tough, in mind, the Daiwa LT range of reels gives you powerful performance with effortless handling. Featuring light carbon housing, a DS4 Air Rotor and AIrbail, the Daiwa Legalis LT is a reel that gives a far stronger performance than the feel of it would suggest, and allows you to enjoy an active day’s fishing without losing casting ability to fatigue.
  4. The 17' Prorex LT series presents a new generation of reels – the LT concept enables the design of ultra-lightweight reels, which are more durable and stronger than ever before.
  5. LT Light & Tough
    Graphite Body
    Graphite Rotor
    Tough Digigear
    ABS spool
    ATD drag
    Machine cut Aluminium handle
    Soft touch Handle knob
    New generation line clip
  6. This latest Crossfire offers superior value for money with various Daiwa features.
  7. With the FREAMS A the DAIWA engineers succeeded in integrating the innovative MAG SEALED technology in a cheap price range.
  8. Quite simply the Ninja reels are staggeringly good. Their highly noticeable look is of course backed up with an array of features and typical Daiwa performance.
  9. The Prorex reels are designed to deliver high power for their size. They are both large capacity, quick ratio reels featuring an aluminium frame and an ATD carbon drag.
  10. Prorex XR reels are designed for hunting predators. Their powerful mechanism is stable and secure in an aluminium frame and permanently protected by Mag Sealed. The accuracy and precision of DIGIGEAR extends the lifetime of gear meshing accuracy. The latest generation of ATD drag is composed of carbon discs to subdue the biggest and most powerful runs from Pike. The reel is supported by CRBB bearings to ensure continuous and smooth rotation during every battle.
  11. Fully kitted out with all the technology and attention to detail that anglers have come to expect from Daiwa, the Sweepfire includes a Digigear drive, which offers smooth, reliable performance, and driving power under pressure, and ABS spool that will stand up to bouncing barrow journeys, hasty packing, and the sudden shock of flinging a rucksack or rod holdall down onto ground that turns out to be harder than it looks, and Twistbuster, which ensures your line flows out smoothly, and lands perfectly, for spot on presentation in any conditions.
  12. After years of development, we are now exceptionally pleased to unveil our new Prism range of fixed spool reels. These reels have been in testing for some time now and our team of expert angling consultants across Europe have been blown away by their performance and even more blown away when they find out what their price tag is!
  13. An evolution of the hugely popular Warrior reel, the Warrior 2 offers a superb reel at an amazing price. Covering three sizes and with a solid build and smooth, precise action, if you’re in the market for a new reel that doesn’t hurt the wallet, this is the unit for you.
  14. The Korum Axis Reels have been purpose built to suit a wide variety of modern fishing techniques. With S-Stroke superior line lay, smooth drag system and precise carbon steel bearings, it has all the perfect features for coping with the rigours of repeated casting and catching fish.
  15. -25% Korum Snapper Speed 2000 Korum Snapper Speed 2000
    This versatile reel features a finely-tuned high gear ratio and stunningly smooth drag performance. The fluid rotation of the rotor helps with repeated casting and retrieval, whilst the precise carbon steel bearings have been strategically placed to offer smooth performance and stability.
  16. Following the success of the original Baitrunner DL FA, Shimano have modified it slightly to create the next generation FB model.

    Low low Prices on all 4 models, 2500, 4000, 6000 & 10000.
  17. The ST RB Baitrunner is the latest and greatest addition to Shimano entry level carp reel range. This reel has a top quality feel and sports features of reels three times its price.
  18. The Big and Medium Baitrunners are back and they are fully stocked with the best Shimano technologies.
  19. The Biomaster FB is a classic front drag reel which has been hugely popular with general anglers throughout the UK. The X-ship gearing produces the efficient power required to play hard fighting fish effectively and enables a smaller sized reel to be used, even when fishing for large barbel, tench, carp or aggressive predators. The body of the Biomaster is made from top grade aluminium to keep weight to a minimum and the lightweight folding handle makes made-up transport easier. There is also a larger 6000 size which is ideal for specialist anglers who want even more power and casting performance. All models have seven S A-RB bearings plus a roller bearing to ensure smoothness to match the sophisticated looks of the classic Biomaster FB.
  20. Shimano BAITRUNNER CI4 + XTB Long Cast replaces the old XTR A series. The reel is equipped with flagship solutions such as the Hagane transmission, X-SHIP gives it an impressive smoothness of operation and extreme winding power, Hi Speed Drag, X Protect. The body and rotor is made of CI4 + thanks to the reduction of the weight we get very good casting properties.
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