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  1. Daiwa CC80HL Baitcaster Reel
  2. These Prorex reel were developed in close collaboration with the Daiwa Scandinavia team. With its large drive gear and aluminium frame the PX200HLA model is ideal for fishing with big lures. The 100 is more compact offering a closer grip in the hand for lighter lure fishing. These PROREX baitcasters have the latest generation of ATD drag featuring a special grease to enhance braking smoothness. This reel offers an exceptional price / quality ratio and was awarded best new multiplier at EFTTEX 2016. There is no doubt that PROREX is the ideal partner to accompany you in your pursuit of that trophy fish.
  3. -20% Daiwa Prorex TW 10SV-L Baitcaster Reel Daiwa Prorex TW 10SV-L Baitcaster Reel
    The Prorex TW 100SV L combines the latest baitcaster technology – the SV system reduces the threat of over runs during the cast and enables the application of both lightweight and heavy lures at one reel!
  4. Developed for pursuing big pike, the PROREX XR 300 size baitcaster is powerful! Its large drive gear, all CRBB bearings and 37mm high-capacity spool are totally at home launching and retrieving large specimen lures. Its 100mm handle is equipped with a round RCS EVA grip, furnished with purple aluminium flanges.
  5. -5% Shimano Caenan 151A (LH) Baitcasting Reel Shimano Caenan 151A (LH) Baitcasting Reel
    With a sleek and aggressive appearance, the all-new Shimano Caenan casting reels feature a redesigned High Efficiency Gear (HEG) system delivering exceptional strength and rigidity for years of reliable fishing. The Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D) combined with a new Variable Brake System (VBS) provides outstanding casting performance with a wide range of lures and baits.
  6. -8% Shimano Caius 151 A (LH) Bait Casting Reel Shimano Caius 151 A (LH) Bait Casting Reel
    The new Caius A is a compact, versatile, and durable bait casting reel, designed with light weight lure casting in mind. By reducing the size of the new Caius from 200 to 150 and upgrading the braking systems to SVS, you can be confident to cast your lure easily on the desired spot.
  7. -9% Shimano Calcutta 201D Baitcasting Reel Shimano Calcutta 201D Baitcasting Reel
    Most likely one of the most liked and used round profile baitcasters ever sold in Europe incorporating the latest Shimano technology. Its one piece cold forged frame now houses an X-Ship engine which will let this reel operate even smoother than before with increased cranking power capabilities. Simply the strongest and most reliable baitcasting reel with a reputation going back over 20 years X-Ship for higher rigidity and enormous cranking power Shimano's highly acclaimed Variable Brake System giving the reel a consistent spool speed for optimised distance casting Dartanium Drag providing a wider range of drag settings and Shimano's smoothest drag performance ever giving anglers extra confidence needed while fighting aggressive fish
  8. The Shimano Cardiff A Series casting reels have all the great features of a round reel without sacrificing the benefits of a low profile design. The recessed reel foot allows the reel to sit close to the rod, allowing you to palm like a low profile reel. The only difference is that the spool still has the high line capacity you would expect from a round reel. You get the best of both worlds.
  9. -12% Shimano Casitas 151 LH Baitcasting Reel Shimano Casitas 151 LH Baitcasting Reel
    The Casitas is a compact, versatile and durable bait casting reel that can be utilised in numerous situations. The reel has good casting performance even with light lures. The inertia of the spool is small making it easy to cast small lures, crank baits, jerk baits and small jigs.
  10. -17% Shimano Citica 201 HG (LH) Shimano Citica 201 HG (LH)
    Citica reels are known for their reliability. Over the years the body of our Shimano Baitcasting reels has become smaller, while the gearbox has become larger. The new Citica 201 HG left handed reel has an incredible gear ratio of 7.2:1 and offers the power and directness of a multiplier reel with the speed of a fixed spool spinning reel.
  11. The new Shimano Curado DC is not only a brand new reel, but a breakthrough in reel building innovation that redefines baitcasting reel performance. This reel combines the original, top quality Shimano Curado components with the awesome new technology of the DC (Digitally Controlled) braking system, resulting in one of the most dependable and technologically advanced reels on the market.
  12. -6% Shimano SLX 151 (LH)
    The SLX Baitcaster offers serious value to anglers of all levels. Built on a Hagane Body that is 20% more compact than the Shimano Caenan and yet retains the same line capacity, the compact SLX palms exceptionally well while allowing the angler to pack on enough line for long casts. The body of the SLX is made entirely of highly rigid metals that produce a solid platform that both reduces weight and eliminates reel flexing when cranking on fish or pulling them out of heavy cover.
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