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  1. -21% Daiwa Prorex Semi Rigid Lure Bag
    The Prorex semi-rigid bag has a volume of 20 litres to store mixed fishing kit and is ideal for 3 to 4 boxes. The transparent inner layer, under the lid, has zip closure and is perfect for small boxes as well as essential accessories. Features a smooth and durable interior lining with easy clean Polyester exterior and reinforced base. Adjustable shoulder strap and handles with Velcro closure grip.
  2. These lure boxes are ideal for storing and transporting your hard or soft plastic lures along with terminal tackle. The layout can be altered to your preference with plastic dividers supplied. Available in two sizes.
  3. Fox Rage Voyager Shoulder bag Available in Medium and Large options
  4. -21% Fox Rage Voyager Tackle Sling
    Fully loaded with tackle box
    Heavy duty zips
    Adjustable shoulder strap
  5. -45% Greys Prowla Leader Wallet
    This handy leader wallet is ideal for storing and transporting all kinds of leaders for predator fishing.
  6. Practical shoulder bag with plenty of adaptable storage space. Prowla Lure Boxes included
  7. Perfect for carrying and storing ready tackled modern lure rods, these sleeves will take various styles of rods, thanks to their elongated and roomy reel pouches.
  8. -39% Greys Prowla Stinger Case
    Makes storage problems with stingers a thing of the past. A large number of stingers can be loaded into this case, even when using very large 3/0 trebles.
  9. EVA Welded construction for high waterproofing. Smooth touch handle for quick doiuble handle connection. Saltwater proof zippers.
  10. -43% Shimano Yasei Boat Bag Large
    This Large Yasei Boast Bag has been manufactured to the high levels that you will have come to expect and demand from a Shimano product. The entire bag has been reinforced with power stitching on the seams and the frame of the bag is constructed from durable plastic. The base of the bag has been moulded and the bag also has a front and back plate so the bag holds it structure perfectly.
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