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  1. One of the main advantages of blueys is that they are absolutely packed with fish oil and this is something that pike find highly attractive. The high oil content also makes them slightly more buoyant than other deadbaits, although they naturally sink and rest lightly on weed.
  2. Probably found in more pike anglers cool boxes than any other bait, mackerel are responsible for a huge number of big pike each year, thanks to their flexibility. Ledger them, float fish them, troll them, drift them, these long-lasting baits can be used with just about any method you can dream up!
  3. Perch have a very tough skin that makes them very long-lasting and great value for money. This makes them ideal for trotting, long casting and other tactics that are generally hard on more delicate baits. One of our favourite tactics is to suspend a perch one to two feet off the lake bed on a float paternoster rig. This approach has accounted for some very big pike and zander for us.
  4. -20% Baitbox Pollan
    Naturally buoyant - Pollan have a massive swimbladder, which makes them naturally very buoyant, so they pop-up without the need for injecting air or adding poppers. Streamlined shape - Pollan cast extremely well, thanks to their streamlined shape and dense body. Reflective scales - The scales of Pollan are very reflective, and they are very visible in water.
  5. A major part of the diet of pike in most venues, it is no wonder that roach are such a popular bait with predator anglers. We freeze our roach immediately to keep them in super-fresh condition.
  6. -20% Baitbox Sardine x 3-4 per pack
    Found on most pike anglers top five bait lists, sardines tend to produce the goods when all else fails! These very oily fish are frozen immediately to keep them in tip-top condition. We source only the best quality sardines that are perfect for pike baits.

    Sardines are quite a delicate bait and we recommend keeping them frozen until ready to cast out. The soft flesh breaks down quickly, but this adds to their appeal, releasing a trail of attraction in to the water that pike find irresistible.
  7. Skimmer bream make a great alternative to roach for the angler looking for a freshwater deadbait. Bream are often a large percentage of the diet of pike and zander in many venues, particularly natural rivers and stillwaters and bream rich fisheries have a history of producing very big pike!
  8. Smelt are one of the most versatile of all pike baits. When ledgering or popping-up fish with upper treble in the tail of the bait and the lower treble in the top of the body. When fishing sink and draw, or in rivers, fish 'head-up' the trace, with the top hook through both jaws and the lower hook in the flank. When fishing on a float paternoster or drifter, fish with the top treble just on front of the dorsal fin and the lower treble under the chin.
  9. -20% Baitbox Sprats x 10 per pack
    Sprats are very effective when float fished, and are a great bait to use when trotting in rivers, or on a float paternoster rig in stillwaters. Because of their smaller size they are best used with either a single or twin treble Pike Pro trace fitted with size 8 hooks.

  10. Trout have quite a tough and dense body, making them ideal for long range fishing and repeated casting. This makes them ideal for trotting baits in rivers and for fishing sink and draw style, as well as ledgering and float fishing in stillwaters.
  11. -20% Marine Nutrition Feed Krill 800g
    Premium, fresh frozen Krill. Ideal for use in spod, groundbait and paste mixes. Can also be used in boilie mixes and as a loose feed. Highly attractive to Carp, Tench, Bream and Barbel.
  12. -20% Pike Pro Liquid Dye 50ml - Colourfast Red
    Colour is one of the most important factors that trigger predatory fish to feed, so being able to change the colour of your deadbaits can have a big impact on your catches.

    These easy to use liquid dyes are supplied in a spray bottle that makes applying the dye very simple.
  13. Pike Pro's range of winterized bait oils are just what you need for boosting the attraction of your dead baits, especially in the cold winter months. As a winterized oil, the Pike Pro series won't cloud up or crystallize, giving you a consistent boost for your baits, no matter the conditions.

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