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  1. Based upon the sleeker and streamlined body of a bleak with an enhanced profile via the fins but maintaining that Duckfin tail, gave our lure boffins the new shape and swimming action they were seeking. Scale texture, facial shape and even a lateral line are also carefully considered.
  2. These small mini plugs are suitable for all kinds of predator from trout to perch and zander.

    The Prorex Baby Crank is imitating a small prey fish and performs flanking movements. Thanks to the special construction of the diving lip, this lure is suitable for still waters as well as for fishing in the rivers.

    Floating. Silent design – without rattles.

    Diving depth: 0.6m -1.0
  3. The Classic Shad proved its effectiveness very quickly in tests catching plenty of pike and zander right from the beginning. Featuring the popular Duck Fin tail, it produces strong vibrations and a flanking movement of the body. The slim profile reduces the lure weight and optimizes this flanking action. The ribs on the tail assist it to fold back during ‘inhalation’ of the take. In addition they support the prolonged absorption of applied flavours and give off added signals. Suitable for slow and fast presentation – balance and action are maintained all the time.
  4. This compact 80mm crankbait motivates reluctant fish! Due to its long diving lip, the Prorex Crank gains depth rapidly and produces strong vibrations under water. The integrated rattles ensure additional attractions. Thanks to its buoyancy it is suitable for slow as well as fast retrieves. Especially ‘lethargic‘ fish can be tricked with this noisemaker on lazy days – ideal for pike, zander and perch.
  5. This new Prorex plug with a banana-shape is gaining depth very quickly and features a strong wiggling action with flanking movements imitating injured prey fish. Suited for slow and fast lure presentation. Also perfect for twitching! A real zander magnet! Available in two sizes: 8cm and 12cm. Floating. Silent construction – without rattles. Also perfectly suited for trolling!
  6. The compact and high body shape of the Prorex Flat Bait displays an irresistible silhouette, especially for pike. The body is strongly flanking from side to side during retrieve. Due to this action it produces strong vibrations under water to wake up and attract the predators even over great distances. The Flat Bait shows its optimal action also at slow speeds and thus is also perfectly suited for ‘lazy’ fish in cold waters. Ideal for fishing in weedy areas!
  7. The Flat Minnow 50SS (slow-sinking) is a really exceptional lure for fishing for perch, trout and chub. It is especially perfect for fishing in different depths and water layers – an ideal lure for the whole season! The slow sinking lure flanks laterally and during retrieve stops sinks horizontally with waggling movements – this sinking phase is especially successful.
  8. The new DAIWA Hybrid Minnow also combines the advantages of a plug with the benefits of a soft plastic lure. Again, due to the plastic body it produces softer vibrations and movement. Just like the Crank 140, the lure is kept longer in the mouth during the take. The Hybrid Minnow is especially suited for active fishing and it is at its most effective when twitched and jerked. These techniques provoke even ‘dullest‘ predators. The silent construction (without rattles) increases your catch rate especially at highly frequented waters. The Hybrid Minnow enables an easy and fast exchange of the plastic body after many bites. The Hybrid Crank is supplied with one additional tail.
  9. The new DAIWA Prorex Hybrid Swimbait combines the highest quality of design with an optimal price-performance ratio. This lure delivers an outstanding action, which resembles the swimming movements of a real fish – the lure imitates an injured prey fish due to its slight lateral flanking movements during constant retrieve. The Prorex Hybrid Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and is ready-to-fish. The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard battles, which could cause the loss of big fish. The head has been designed in a special way to resist even the toughest strains. Even after frequent fights no water will invade. The head withstands fierce attacks and severe fights with the fish! The Prorex Hybrid Swimbait is suitable from slow to very fast lure presentation (2.5km/h – 5km/h) and maintains a stable lure action even at high speed. The great colour diversity enables the proper choice for nearly all types of waters. When the plastic body has to be replaced due to several pike bites, fitting extra tails are available for a keen price – thanks to the special construction, the extra body can be glued on conveniently and without getting out of place (recommendation: Loctite 406 glue). The silent construction (without rattles) is a distinct advantage at highly frequented waters!
  10. This new, multi-sectioned lure within our Prorex series delivers an outstanding action. The Joint Bait is wiggling through the water ‘saucily‘ even at an extremely slow retrieve. With short, light strokes with the rod the lure is flanking laterally. With short stops during spinning, the lure is sinking horizontally in slow motion and at the same time perfectly retains its balance. Thanks to its slow sinking, this lure also can be fished in very shallow waters. Suitable for slow and fast lure action – an optimal lure for the whole season. Due to a special 3D printing procedure, these live-coloured lures surprisingly imitate a real fish – ideal for clear and highly frequented waters. Also the silent construction is perfectly suited for heavily fished waters, because rattles often frighten away fish. The 3 different sizes of 10cm, 15cm and 20cm cover pike, zander and perch.
  11. The goal behind the design of this lure was to imitate nature as realistic as possible. At first sight you will appreciate, how deceptively realistic this lure looks. Due to the use of a 3D printing procedure, during which the image of a real trout is printed on the body, this extremely realistic pattern is attainable. The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is thus an ideal lure for big pike which have specialised on hunting this prey in lakes and rivers. Perfectly suitable for slow and fast lure action, it delivers light flanking movements – similar to a real trout. During retrieve the Duckfin tail oscillates producing strong pulses. Depending on speed the pelvic and pectoral fins can also vibrate, enhancing attraction even further. The Live Trout has been constructed with 2 different eyelets to enable different depths and actions – using the head eyelet enables a deep presentation with more action – when rigged via the eyelet at the mouth this lure runs somewhat shallower. The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and is thus ready-to-fish. The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard strains, which could cause losses of big fish. The Live Trout was awarded Best New Soft Lure for the season 2017 at the Efttex 2016!
  12. Now the popular DuckFin Shad is available with a webbed tail for vertical jigging near the bottom or mid water. The Mermaid shad’s highlight is the possibility to customise the tail according to your personal preferences – if you use it in its original shape, its body moves like an oscillating mermaid. By cutting the tail in varying ways you can create three different types of action – classical V-tail, Pintail or Forktail (only cut the inner membrane). Ideal for fishing for zander and perch. The small size is perfectly suitable for fishing with the drop shot rig.
  13. This 3cm micro-lure is perfectly applicable for the whole range of ultra-light fishing and is very successful for trout, perch and chub. Due to the diving lip’s construction, this lure can be presented very slow as well as very fast and thus is optimally fitting for fishing in small rivers.
  14. The classical form of a minnow has been proven over many years – obviously because this body shape is closely imitating the main prey fish of many predators. The Prorex Minnow SR has especially been designed for the upper water layers and imparts a lively action. The lure is flanking even at slow speed and thus is perfectly suited for twitching and jerking with an active lure presentation. The 16cm version has an additional eyelet at the belly for an alternative treble position.
  15. The Prorex Swimming rubber jig features a high quality silicone skirt that enhances the attractiveness of the mounted soft lure. Ideal for vertically fished lures.
  16. SplitTail Dropshot lures are ideal for perch, zander, pike and other predatory species.

    These 10cm (4in) lures have a super sensitive tail section that flicks and wiggles at the slightest of movements on the rod. Like the Paddle Tail, they also feature a specially designed slit in the belly for ‘rigging weedless’ in really snaggy swims.
  17. The 28g Drongo works impressively well as a deep diving, floating crankbait. Its long-nosed diving vane allows it to be wound down quickly to search depths up to three metres on the retrieve.
    The holographic finish, coupled with a tight pulsating wiggle and internal rattle, make it an extremely eye-catching lure to any nearby predators, even in deep water.

    Available Colours:
    Silver Red,
    Green Perch,
    Gold Flash
    Silver Blue
  18. The 13g Jester is a small 7cm sinking lure with an enticing wobble action. Its broadsides, holographic finish and internal rattle make it a great choice, even in coloured water.
  19. Paddle Tail Dropshot lures are ideal for perch, zander, pike and other predatory species.

    Just 8.5cm (3.25in) long and with an excellent swimming action that simulates a distressed prey fish. Paddle Tails have a wide, broad tail for maximum movement. They also feature a specially designed slit in the belly for ‘rigging weedless’ in really snaggy swims.
  20. The Wag is a 13g floating lure and a jointed version of the popular E-Sox Pug. The jointed body produces an enticing wiggle action which, combined with its internal rattle, can prove irresistible to pike, perch, zander, and even chub.
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