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Monofilament Mainline

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  1. Anyone fishing venues with roots, gravel bars or anything else to rub line against will love this line. Mainline Abrasion is manufactured using a unique compound developed for its abrasion resistance. This line has given the best abrasion test results we have ever seen.
  2. Mainline Master offers exceptional strength to diameter, with the fluorocarbon coating giving it superb abrasion resistance and adding weight to make it sink quickly.
  3. Mainline Pro is a durable long lasting line that will be a big seller because of its great value.
  4. This is the heaviest, fastest sinking line in the ASSO range, it is made using a compound that is very dense, in fact it is the heaviest a copolymer can be made with current extrusion technology.

    Sinking Mainline has very good strength and medium Abrasion resistance. Any angler who needs their line to hug the lake bed quickly will love this line.
  5. This incredible Reel line breaks up it’s own outline underwater, making it harder for Carp to detect than standard single colour monofilaments.
  6. Berkley used pro-grade alloy monofilament polymers. This way they have managed to build an even denser line that sinks better and settles quickly. Fantastic casting, abrasion, strength and manageability properties were combined in this great carp mono.

    Available Breaking Strains
    10lb (0.30mm)
    12lb (0.34mm)
    15lb (0.38mm)
    18lb (0.40mm)
    20lb (0.45mm)
  7. Daiwa Sensor is manufactured to high quality standards. Daiwa Sensor monofil is both highly durable and resistant to abrasive textures.Its super clarity
  8. Its super clarity is an asset in bright or clear water conditions. Enduring level of suppleness also ensures that Sensor Clear continues to cast smoothly even after long periods of use.
  9. -24% Daiwa Tournament ST Monofilament
    The Daiwa Tournament ST Monofil has made a name for itself as being one of the most abrasion resistant, heavy duty and durable monofilament fishing lines on the market today.
  10. The XT of Syncro literally stands for extra tough, indicating that this exceptional monofilament is highly abrasion resistant and durable.
  11. Zig & Floater Mono features a fine diameter to knot strength ratio, it is tough and durable and has just the right amount of stretch to make it perfect for combining with smaller hooks.
  12. Fox's market-leading Camo Soft Steel has undergone a transformation and is now better than ever before. For the first time ever the Camo Soft Steel is available in two different camo options – Light Camo and Dark Camo
  13. Fox Low visibility Trans Khaki blends virtually disappears on lakebed and in midwater
  14. Torque is designed to be the perfect all round monofilament main line for anglers on a tight budget that still expect top end reliability. Boasting remarkable abrasion resistance Torque is perfect for snag fishing situation where you need 100% confidence that your line and the knots tied in your line will not let you down.
  15. All new GT-HD is manufactured exclusively for Gardner Tackle with a unique high grade copolymer formula using cutting edge manufacturing processes to give the line reduced stretch and a crisp feel without compromising the other key characteristics.
  16. The new generation GT80+ has evolved directly from Gardner Tackle’s legendry GT80 mainline. GT80+ offers big fish anglers ultimate performance by combining the very latest copolymer formulas and cutting edge precision manufacturing processes to give supreme performance across the entire spectrum of key characteristics that big fish specialists demand.
  17. HD-Floater Line has been specially developed as a specialist floater line as it maintains its buoyancy without requiring any additional treatments to keep it floating.Incredibly, this very special main line also offers the perfect stretch characteristics for floater fishing; having reduced stretch for the best possible reaction and line pick up when striking, whilst still offering just enough give to help keep small hooks in place during protracted battles on balanced tackle.
  18. Gardner Tackle has drawn on years of experience; manufacturing and distributing the very best carp and specialist coarse fishing lines, in the development of ‘Pro Light Blend’ and Pro Dark Blend. These premium grade copolymer main lines have been engineered to give anglers uncompromising performance – yet they are sold at a very competitive price! These are outstanding fishing lines that simply outperform most lines that are sold for more than twice their price!
  19. ‘Special Edition’ Sure Pro Purple is an exceptionally high performance multi discipline main line that is perfectly suited for almost any carp, coarse and sea angling situation.
  20. This superior GR60 line has been developed to bring together the most advanced features that today’s big fish anglers demand.
    Available in 8lb, 10lb, 12lb and 15lb.
    Colours: Clear or Green.
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