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Braided Mainline

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  1. Accurate depth monitor, with a one touch quick line set-up lever. it has an automatic line release with an adjustable release pressure to fit various fishing conditions.
  2. The original and still the best line stripping tool on the market! Simply take the end of your line and start stripping.
  3. Berkley® Whiplash® 8 is a perfectly braided 8 carrier 100% PE superline. It does not matter if you go for the biggest Fresh or Saltwater specimen, you’ll always have the fighting power of Whiplash to trust on. The new runlength are more suitable to fill reels while the new hi vis colour is more visible for the angler.
  4. Berkley® Whiplash® A super strong, thin braided multi carrier Superline that is ideal for all anglers that are looking for a no nonsense always performing Superline.
  5. J-Braid line is a complete line up of high quality 8 carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a perfectly round profile.
  6. The Daiwa Sensor Line Loader is a helpful little gadget that lets you load up any spool size smoothly and conveniently by yourself.The spring loaded s
  7. Ultra buoyant floating braid
  8. Semi-buoyant braided main line ideal for long range and weed fishing
    Feature dark camo pattern to blend in with a multitude of lakebeds
    Available in 35lb and 50lb
  9. Fox Submerge braided main line is used by some of the very best carp anglers across Europe including those sponsored by rival tackle companies that make their own braids! Submerge is available in Dark Camo and benefits from colour break technology that helps to conceal it on the lakebed. This is a tough as old boots braid that is ideal for weedy and snaggy fishing conditions.
  10. A super soft and smooth, low diameter, high performance pure Dyneema main line that has been developed especially for extreme range angling and baiting.
  11. New & improved, the new Kinetic Marker Braid is now thinner (0.28mm), stronger and smoother offering even greater strength and casting performance.
  12. New & improved, the new Kinetic Spod Braid is now thinner (0.30mm), stronger and smoother for even greater performance.
    This unique high performance, super smooth and extremely robust braided mainline specifically developed for heavy spodding/spombing without the need to use a shock leader. Kinetic Spod Braid withstands spodding without the need to tie on heavier breaking strain shock leaders.
  13. Apex is the braided main line of choice for those anglers who know their braids. It casts well and is tough as old boots! Its toughness comes from a Dyneema element - recognised as THE toughest braid component out there!
  14. This is the big daddy of the Arma-kord family. It has an increased diameter to improve abrasion resistance and can be relied upon in the very snaggiest conditions.
  15. This braid casts superbly well, thanks to its low diameter, and transmits the feel of the lake bed accurately back to your rod, allowing you to find the very best feeding areas with your marker float setup.
  16. This ultra-fine, specialist single strand main line will reduces drag, helping you achieve extreme distances.
  17. This braid casts superbly well, thanks to its low diameter, allowing you to bait spots right at the limit of your casting ability. You'll notice that it has a rather unusual fluoro green colour, which helps to deter seagulls when baiting up with a throwing stick or floater fishing.
  18. This is a super-fast-sinking main line braid that’s available in a subtle SUB-green colouring and two breaking strains. It attracted plenty of acclaim during the exhaustive testing period, with Elliott Gray in particular becoming a huge advocate.
  19. Selling by the mile on reputation and total performance, Bullet is the prime example of a product that sells itself. Use it and you’ll be in no doubt why it has been the first choice main line braid for so many top anglers for a decade and more.
  20. New Nash Spod And Marker Braid Green Nash Spod And Marker Braid Green
    Low diameter, high knot strength and with a unique waxed coating over 100% Dyneema fibres to minimise wind knots and frap ups even during repeated casting.
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