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  1. Double hinged fibreglass indicator arms 
to replace your chains or cords. Not only 
do our new Pivot Arms look incredible, they negate indicator swing and false indication in high winds. Dual Stainless hinges mean no loss of sensitivity compared 
with chains and cords. Their light yet durable fibreglass shaft means you can deploy them with confidence on the lightest, most delicate indicator set-ups right through to heavy, distance/river set-ups. Available in 3” and 6” lengths to cover all preferences.
  2. New Delkim DuoCarb Delkim DuoCarb
    The Delkim DuoCarb pivoting hanger support is a groundbreaking new product. The Delkim DuoCarb was designed around the concept that free-hanging visua
  3. Due to the massive success of the SlimLite Indication Set, Delkim is pleased to announce the release of the new SlimLite Indication Set Clear.
  4. After much intensive development and field testing Delkim are pleased to announce the release of the eagerly anticipated SlimLite Indication Set.
  5. New Delkim Smart Clip Delkim Smart Clip
    The Delkim Smart Clip is a unique multipurpose line clip for use either as a running clip or in conjunction with the twin blades as a fixed clip. The
  6. Based on the design of the iconic Fox Swinger MK3 but with a shorter arm (45mm less) and reduced head size (40% smaller)
  7. New Gardner Bug Stick
    The angle gives better clearance for butt rings (important for compact buzzers) and allows you to have the butt-eye tight inside the buzzer when fishing with tight clutches.
  8. New Gardner Mega Bug Indicator - White
    Mega Bug - 22mm fat. 12 grams. Weights include head, body and cord/chain
  9. New Gardner Micro Bug Indicator - Red
    Mini Bug
    36mm thin - White= 10 grams
    Weights include head, body and cord/chain
  10. New-38% JRC Kurve Indicator System Set of 3 JRC Kurve Indicator System Set of 3
    Introducing one of the most versatile indicators available today. The Kurve Indicator features an articulating head and unique line clip system which can be set to grip the line or allow it to run freely.
  11. New JRC Kurve Slim Indicators JRC Kurve Slim Indicators
    After the success of the JRC Kurve indicator JRC now have launched the Slim Kurve Indicator. Very smart slim designed hinging body with multiple colour variations to suit the anglers taste.
  12. Strong Arms

    Black anodised stainless arms for Slap Heads.
  13. The indicator with a sting. The Wasp's ratchet-loading tension system instantly changes the resistance from your end tackle, driving hook points home when carp tighten to the lead.
  14. Rectangular padded, high protect zip top pouch to store up to four WASP indicators between sessions, preventing damage to the ratchet system.
  15. The most versatile bite indication system ever produced. This precision-engineered, UK-made indicator is a totally new concept that covers ALL bite indication setups, whatever the situation or style of fishing. Whether you’re fishing slack line, tight-line, progressive tension or standard swinging arm, Titaniums have got it covered.
Set Descending Direction