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  1. -35% Chub Foldable Gas Stove
    This foldable stove is a great product in the Vantage cookware range. Very compact with power up to 3000W.
  2. -36% Chub Screw-On Gas Stove
    60 Degree taper design
    Annular ring of fire
    Concentrated fire zone up to 2600 W
    Safe to use
    Complete foldable
    Small size and easy to carry
  3. -50% Chub Vantage All Season Gas Sleeve 2016 Model
    Half price whilst stocks last.
    Only £3.50!
  4. -67% Coleman F1 Lite Stove
    This Coleman F1 Lite stove is one of the lightest stoves on the market at 77g, the F1 Lite is compact with 3 pan supports that can be folded and detached. This stove is constructed from technology advanced materials including PEE~K plastic, which is both shock resistant and heat resistant up to 320C and down to -60C. Perfect for extreme trekking when every gram counts. Comes complete with a lightweight and compact textile carry pouch which weighs 11g.
  5. -67% Coleman FyreLite Stove Coleman FyreLite Stove
    The Coleman FyreLite Stove is one of the most lightweight burners available on the market. Weighing just 77g, this stove is ideal for lightweight travellers. A 3600W output and almost 2 hour run time make this burner highly efficient.
  6. -20% Fox Cookware Windshield
    The Fox Cookware Windshield will improv the efficiency of any stove. The lightweight Fox Cookware Windshield is made from aluminium and has pegging pi
  7. New-20% Fox Cookware XL windsheild
    This handy windshield provides your stove with essential protection from the wind. By shielding the stove from the wind, it will be more efficient and use less fuel.
  8. -20% Fox Heat Transfer 3200 Stove
    The Fox Heat Transfer 3200 Stove, Sturdy, durable but lightweight.
  9. Adjustable, compact design that screws to top of gas canister.
  10. Nash Gas Canister Pouch (New) Zipped pouches to hold and insulate gas canisters against cold conditions. Available in two sizes to hold commonly used canisters.
  11. Nash Stove Bag (New) Padded high-protect pouch for your stove.
  12. Raise your portable stove game!! Featuring a quadrilateral design, four folding legs and a unique quick release connector to allow independent use of a second stove head on the same gas cylinder, the high powered Quad Connect Stove delivers amazing performance, stability and versatility in a flexible all round package.
  13. -20% Saber 8pcs Wind Shield
    Compact Design integrated spike to ensure shield stays securely into ground.
    Supplied in cloth carry case.
  14. -20% Saber Turbo Stove Saber Turbo Stove
    Tough and sturdy frame with low gravity compact foldaway design and ultra wide flame.
  15. -20% Trakker Armolife Mercury Stove Trakker Armolife Mercury Stove
    For those who prefer their stove to screw directly on to the gas canister. Although compact and lightweight, it’s still extremely stable with its extending four-way pan supports able to accommodate a wide range of base sizes.
  16. -21% Trakker Tri-Lite Stove Trakker Tri-Lite Stove
    The Tri-Lite is incredibly lightweight but doesn’t compromise on stability or power. Ideal for someone wanting minimise the weight and bulk of their kit whist still demanding performance.

    Only £27.99 whilst stocks last!!
  17. -20% Trakker Armolife Windshield
    Protect your stove from the wind with the Armolife Windshield. It is simple to use and folds down to a very compact size with a protective case, allowing your stove to run efficiently without the impact of wind effecting it. It has spikes to secure it in place in the ground and weighs only 250g thanks to its aluminium construction.
  18. -21% Trakker NXG Stove Bag
    The Trakker NXG Stove Bag is padded and lined to provide the optimum protection for your stove.FeaturesManufactured in 600 denier polyesterPadded and
  19. -21% Wychwood Tactical Stove Wychwood Tactical Stove
    In tests, the Tactical Stove attained a 2-minute boil time with a 0.8l Kettle, impressive stats and perfect for when you're dying for a quick brew!
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