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Rig Bits

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  1. -20% Drennan Bait Drill Drennan Bait Drill
    This 1.3mm diameter bait drill is ideal for making neat holes in a variety of hard or semi-hard baits like pellets, nuts and boilies.
  2. -20% Drennan Big Grippa Stops Drennan Big Grippa Stops
    Big Grippa Stops are a new larger size of the popular tapered rubber float stops which hold position on the line exceptionally well.

    The bulbous end makes a perfect stop for small sliding rings, or for trapping big pellet wagglers into position. Two or three Grippa Stops next to each other provide adjustable stops for link legers, light bombs and small feeders.
  3. Drennan's expertise in plastics manufacturing has enabled us to come up with a superb, soft, durable, life-like and buoyant compound, which makes for a brilliant artificial hook bait!

    There are three styles currently in the range:
    Buoyant Maggot – Natural
    Buoyant Maggot – Fluorescent
    Buoyant Maggot – Bloodworm Red
  4. Drennan Clip Beads slide easily on the line, act as shock absorbers and allow quick changes of feeders, loaded floats and bombs.

    Five per pack.

    Available in 4mm and 6mm size
  5. -20% Drennan Flexible Float Link Drennan Flexible Float Link
    These unique Drennan Flexible Float Link connectors make it very easy to change floats.
  6. Just bend the tube in several places and shake to even out the luminous chemicals inside, then insert into the float or attach with the piece of silicone tubing provided.

    Large (one per pack)
    Small (one per pack)
    Mini (two per pack)
  7. Drennan Float Stops avoid the risk of line damage and have a variety of uses. They are ideal for trapping wagglers, or as light bomb and link leger stops. They can also act as a buffer or slim rubber bead on all sorts of rigs.

    Available in Small and Medium sizes.
  8. -20% Drennan Grippa Stops Drennan Grippa Stops
    Grippa Stops are large, tapered rubber float stops which hold position on the line exceptionally well.
  9. Hair Stops have a special dumbell shape that is designed to hold the hair loop securely in position.
  10. -20% Drennan Hook Tyer
    The Hook Tyer enables you to tie spade end hooks with ease, right down to a size 26 if required.
  11. In-Line Olivettes are available in a very wide range of sizes from 0.2g to 12g.
    These perfectly streamlined weights are finished in a non-flash, camo bronze rather than the obtrusive, traditional black.
  12. Latex Bait Bands are super stretchy pellet bands that are massively versatile and can be used for small baits when after skimmers and little F1's right the way up to dog biscuit fishing for carp.
  13. The classic Leger Stop is small, neat and as popular as ever.

    Simply pass the line through the collar and push in the plug to trap the line in place. Leger Stops are made from a super soft plastic to ensure no line damage is caused.
  14. -20% Drennan Mixed Float Caps Drennan Mixed Float Caps
    Float Caps are used for attaching Stick Floats, Loafers, Avons and other top and bottom floats to the line.
  15. Natural Latex Pellet Bands are tough, durable and incredibly stretchy.
  16. -20% Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment
    These Pellet Waggler Attachments are ideal for all loaded and unloaded wagglers.
  17. Pushstops offer a much easier and quicker method for baiting up.
  18. These Quick Change Beads are precision made from high-quality English tooling so that the two components have a nice consistent fit. The outer bead is semi-flexible and grips in place securely over the internal connector. This connector has a small recess above the central hole to accommodate the barrel of the knot, which is formed when attaching the reel line. The internal unit has an average breaking strain of 20lb (9kg).
  19. These quick change, low resistance Run Rings are ideal for feeders and leads.

    They are produced in a super slick, hard grade polymer that slides beautifully on monofilament, the clip link is easy to open and is masked by exactly the right length of silicone tube to prevent tangles. The three sizes are designed to work perfectly with Swivel Stop Beads and Quick Change Beads.
  20. -20% Drennan Safe Links Drennan Safe Links
    Safe Links allow the angler to make quick changes of weights and feeders without the need to re-tackle.

    They are ideal for specialist, pike and carp rigs and also work well with a variety of beads.
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