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Hooks To Nylon / Ready Rigs

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  1. Drennan Barbless Carp Maggot Hooks To Nylon are a stronger version of the Silverfish Maggot pattern, and also finished in a red colour.
    Available in sizes
    14s to 4lb (0.13)
    16s to 3lb 8oz (0.14)
    18s to 3lb (0.13)
    20s to 3lb (0.13)
  2. Barbless Wide Gape Carp Hooks To Nylon feature a strong hook with a wide crystal bend, perfect for targeting carp.

    An extra wide gape definitely helps hook more fish, especially as baits tend to sit dow nicely in the flat, slightly square shaped bend. This hook has a short shank which can be largely hidden within the bait. The extra wide gape of this hook pattern holds all big soft baits such as meat extremely well.
  3. Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Pellet hooks are the hook of choice on commercial fisheries when using soft pellet.

    8 barbless hooks tied to 20cm of extra strong, low diameter mono.

    Available in sizes
    10s to 6lb (0.18),
    12s to 5lb (0.16),
    14s to 4lb (0.15),
    16s to 3lb 8oz (0.14),
    18s to 3lb 8oz (0.14).
  4. Drennan Carbon Feeder Hook To Nylons are ideal for fishing bigger baits and combinations baits for bream and tench.

    Available in sizes 10s to 7lb (0.20), 12s to 6lb (0.18), 14s to 5lb (0.16), 16s to 4lb (0.14) and 18s to 3lb 8oz (0.14).
  5. Carp Bandits have an acute upturned eye which is designed specifically to allow the hook sit straight on the hooklink improving presentation and hooking ability.

    These rigs can be shortened but at 30cm they are an ideal length for feeder and waggler fishing.
  6. Carp Match Pushstop Hair rigs are perfect for fishing pellets, meat, sweetcorn and small boilies on the pole.
  7. Barbless Margin Carp Hooks To Nylon feature an extremely strong hook designed for tackling those lumps down the edge.
  8. Carp Feeder Method Bandits are matched to Carp Feeder hooks in sizes 8 to 16 and with hooklength diameters from 0.22mm (8lb) down to 0.20mm (7lb).
  9. Method Bandits are convenient, pre-tied hooklengths complete with hair-rigged latex bait bands and perfect for the Method feeder.
  10. Carbon Match Hooks To Nylon feature a versatile, lightweight hook with a strong forged shape and a long inclined point.
  11. Power Bandits have an acute upturned eye this sits the hook dead straight on the hooklink providing improved presentation and hooking ratios.
  12. Carp Feeder Pushstop Hair Rigs are ideal for hard and soft pellets along with many other baits.
  13. Drennan Red Maggot Hooks To Nylon have a special drop crystal bend that sits bait down right below the point.

    These hooks to nylon are ideal for fishing with red maggots and the drop crystal bend helps to reduce the number of missed bites.
  14. Silverfish Bandits have an upturned eye which allows the hook to sit straight in line with the hooklink which improves presentation and hooking ability.
  15. Silverfish Hair Rigger hooks are specifically designed specifically for Hair Rigs using a Knotless-knot.
  16. Barbless Silverfish Maggot Hooks To Nylon are a pattern specifically designed for use when targeting smaller species with maggot.

    They feature super high carbon steel wire and are heavily forged for added strength. This also reduces the amount of spring in the gape and helps to minimise fish loss when bagging up on silverfish.
  17. Barbless Silverfish Pellet Hooks To Nylon are specifically designed for pellet fishing when silverfish are the target.

    A relatively fine wire pattern with a mechanically strong shape and is heavily forged to provide extra strength.
  18. Super Spade Hooks To Nylon feature an incurved needle point that provides an excellent hook hold.

    These hooks to nylon are ideal for targeting big fish. The smaller sizes are perfect for mounting baits such as maggots and are the go to hook for most anglers when trotting for big chub
  19. PushStop Sweetcorn Hair Rigs are designed specifically for fishing corn either on the pole, feeder or even waggler.
  20. Wide Gape Hook To Nylons have an extra wide gape with plenty of room to hold big baits.

    These hooks to nylon are ideal for fishing with bigger baits such as paste, meat or combination baits.
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