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Hooklink Material

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  1. Drennan Double Strength Fly Leader is low diameter and supple with a light olive green colour.

    50m spools:
    2lb 12oz (1.32kg) – 0.128mm
    3lb 6oz (1.53kg) – 0.138mm
    4lb (1.8kg) – 0.148mm
    5lb (2.25kg) – 0.165mm
    6lb (2.75kg) – 0.185mm
    7lb (3.2kg) – 0.205mm
    8lb (3.63kg) – 0.220mm
    10lb (4.5kg) – 0.235mm
    12lb (5.5kg) – 0.260mm
  2. Gravel Braid is an extra strong, extra supple, Dyneema-based braid and makes a great hooklength material for the specialist big fish angler.
  3. Supplex Fluorocarbon is available in no less than 12 accurate diameters and breaking strains, from 0.075mm (0.9lb) right up to 0.30mm (10lb).
  4. X Tough mono is exceptionally supple and flexible. It’s also really tough, durable and highly resistant to abrasion and shot damage, making it the ideal rig line and hooklength material for float, feeder and pole.
  5. This is a high-tech Japanese mono that’s as good as they come. One thing that the development team was adamant about was that the diameter should be absolutely consistent because it was felt that a number of competitor lines were not and the potential to mislead the angler was present. Steve Ringer wanted to make sure that N-Gauge was rated properly for the consumer, yet while still offering unparalleled breaking strain. Lengthy research and field-testing led to the finished N-Gauge.
  6. N-Gauge Pro is a Japanese premium quality, extra strong copolymer which is accurately rated in diameter and breaking strain. Designed for pole rigs and hooklengths and all styles of top level competition fishing.
  7. Fluorocarbon line can be a real edge in your fishing, but many of the products on the market aren’t very user-friendly or are of poor quality, but now you no longer need to worry about that!

    There are ten different diameters available ranging from 0.08mm to 0.30mm, all of which are accurately measured and stated, and corresponding breaking strains from 1lb to 10lb, which will cover everything from the lightest match fishing right up to specimen fishing for species such as tench and barbel.

    PURE is virtually invisible in water due to its refractive index and is also incredibly abrasion resistant and has exceptional strength for its diameter, but still retains enough suppleness to be user-friendly.
  8. Avoid 'crack off's' when distance casting with low diameter lines or braids that have heavier leads and feeders attached.
  9. REFLO Power is exceptionally strong, supple and clear. Designed with built-in stretch also makes it an excellent line for pole rigs. Available in many sizes REFLO POWER line has quickly become the first choice hooklength for top match anglers.
  10. This is the ideal rig and hooklength material, supplied on 50m spools its supple, strong and knots extremely well.
  11. Super high strength to diameter ratio for a fluorocarbon line, Practically invisible underwater, Great for hooklengths and fooling wary fish, Can be used as a leader for match and carp fishing, Super sinking properties, Made in Japan

    Available in:
    50m - 0.12mm 1.50kg
    50m - 0.14mm 1.80kg
    50m - 0.16mm 2.00kg
    50m - 0.18mm 2.50kg
    50m - 0.20mm 3.00kg
    50m - 0.25mm 5.00kg
    50m - 0.28mm 5.80kg
    50m - 0.30mm 7.00kg
    50m - 0.33mm 8.50kg
    50m - 0.35mm 9.00kg
    50m - 0.37mm 11.00kg
    50m - 0.40mm 12.50kg
  12. Shimano's new Aspire Silk Shock is the prefect rig and hooklength line for match and coarse anglers. Two things really stand out about Silk Shock, it's low stretch and it's strength to diameter ratio, especially considering the line is marked accurately. Both of these things are sure to put you more fish on the bank. Japanese technology makes it possible to blend unbelievable softness, with the limited stretch in the line, something you may think creates a weak line but not in Silk Shocks line. The line has one of the highest breaking strain to diameter ratings on the market. The low stretch and suppleness within the line gives increased bite detection and the accurate measurements ensure you can be confident you are fishing effectively.

    Available Options:
    50m - 0.08mm 0.70kg
    50m - 0.10mm 1.20kg
    50m - 0,11mm 1.40kg
    50m - 0.12mm 1.70kg
    50m - 0.14mm 2.40kg
    50m - 0.16mm 3.00kg
    50m - 0.18mm 3.60kg
    50m - 0.20mm 4.40kg

    150m - 0.10mm 1.20kg
    150m - 0.12mm 1.70kg
    150m - 0.14mm 2.40kg
    150m - 0.16mm 3.00kg
    150m - 0.18mm 3.60kg
    150m - 0.20mm 4.40kg
    150m - 0.22mm 5.80kg
    150m - 0.25mm 7.00kg
  13. The original low diameter high-tech monofilament computer tested. Made in Japan
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