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  1. -20% Drennan Quiver Rest - Green
    The classic design Quiver Rest is absolutely ideal for quiver-tipping on rivers and still­waters.
  2. -20% Drennan Specialist Non-Slip Wing Rest Drennan Specialist Non-Slip Wing Rest
    The traditional shape of the Specialist Wing Rest has been tried and tested by anglers over many years. The wing shape is secure and trouble free and therefore extremely popular.
  3. -21% Fox Mini Front Runner River Rest
    Designed for the pike and specialist angler alike, the 'Frontrunner' includes a deep slot to provide friction free line movement whilst ensuring the rod remains firmly seated, even in windy conditions.
  4. Guru Reaper Rest XL
  5. Guru Reaper Front Rest Head,
    Unique design allows the rest to be positioned at any angle whilst always allowing line to run freely through the groove. Ideal for all types of quiver tip work, the chosen rod rest for many of the UK's top match anglers.

    Guru Reaper Rear Rest Head,
    Suitable for cork, duplon and abbreviated rod butts. Soft rubber flexes to suit all rods. Suitable for all types of rod butt. Flexible rest moulds around your rod. Brass screw thread.
  6. -20% Korum Angle Tilt Rod Rest
    The perfect rest to use with the Korum feeder arms. The deep V allows use with free spool reels whilst preventing the rod from being pulled out of the rest.
    Complete with locking nut.
  7. The Any Chair system is designed to turn most chairs into a fully modular system by utilising the unique leg block system with inserts.
  8. -20% Korum Barbel Rest
    Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Overmoulded section to provide a softer rest against your rod. Perfect for modern feeder fishing for big fish.
  9. The Korum Leverage range of bankware is made from a super-lightweight aluminium that's built to last. The range includes standard pointed banksticks, as well as our own special Screwpoint designs, which come complete with a Bankstick Handwheel, enabling you to twist your banksticks into solid ground with total ease.
  10. -20% Korum Line Flow Rest
    Steep-sided to hold rods against the wind, with a deep line groove so free spool mechanisms can still be used
  11. -20% Korum Quick Release Net Adaptor Korum Quick Release Net Adaptor
    Once you have screwed your landing net head in once you never need to again. Simply release the cam lock to remove the net or close the cam lock to secure it.
  12. -20% Korum Sidestrike Rest
    Ideal when quiver tipping and a sideways sweep is required.
  13. -20% Korum Speed-Fit Butt Rest Arm Korum Speed-Fit Butt Rest Arm
    Totally adjustable butt rest arm. Compact, foam covered rest that’s perfect for modern feeder fishing techniques.
  14. -20% Korum Uni Butt Rest
    Flexible butt rest suitable for cork, duplon and abbreviated rod butts. Soft rubber flexes to suit all rods.

  15. -20% Korum Y Rests (Pair)
    A wider and deeper version of our popular V rest for easier rod location in low light conditions. Prevents rods blowing out due to wind or the rod being pulled from the rest on the bite
  16. -20% Preston Innovations Angle Lock
    Designed to be screwed into a bankstick or an OffBox arm, the Angle Tilt has a robust locking mechanism that will take any accessory with a standard thread and make it adjustable.
  17. -20% Preston Innovations Butt Gripper Rest Preston Innovations Butt Gripper Rest
    The Butt Gripper rest is extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of rod butt diameters. The soft grippy TPE ribs will help to grip the butt, while still allowing you to remove the rod smoothly when a fish is hooked
    or a recast is required.
  18. -20% Preston Innovations Butt Rest
    Designed to hold the rod butt securely whether fishing in either horizontal or vertical (due to the moulded lip at the rear of the rest). Simple and effective the best ideas often are.
  19. -20% Preston Innovations Fixed Angle Lock
    Designed to fit between a feeder arm and feeder rest, providing the angler with an ultra stable, positive set up.
  20. -20% Preston Innovations Free Flow Rod Rest
    High-sided rod rest on a FIXANGLE mechanism featuring a deep line groove allowing direct contact with your bait.
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