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Rig Storage

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  1. This compact rig-storage solution is just the thing for the angler who likes to be prepared. We know that you guys like to prepare methodically for action, and this system allows you to do just that.
  2. Guru rig cases make the others redundant!
  3. The 8 Compartment Magnetic Hook Box has a strong magnet hidden in the base that holds your hooks securely and a smooth curved base to make their removal easy. Because the hooks never touch the magnet, corrosion is greatly reduced if the hooks get damp. The lids open individually and are waterproof.
  4. With pins at 7.5cm (3”), 10cm (4”), 15cm (6”) and 20cm (8”) the All Round system can hold hooklengths for virtually all situations that you are ever likely to encounter. There is additional space at the ‘hook end’ to allow for any hair rigs, bands and Quick Stops that may be used.
  5. A natural evolution of the original Hooklength Retaining System, the Hooklength Box has doubled in capacity and now allows you to store up to 10 different hook pattern/line diameter combinations in one hook box, each is stickered for easy identification. In addition, there is an extra-long peg which can be used to help tie the rig to the correct length, this peg can also be used for additional rig storage.
  6. Preston Hooklength Spools store any length of hooklength, safely and securely. Each spool will house multiple hooklengths, which are very easy to access. The spools feature a line friendly sliding loop clip to keep your hooklength in perfect condition, and there is a spool label to record rig details. Fit’s the purpose designed spool system protective case for ultimate protection.
  7. The Mag Store System is the ultimate hooklength storage system and is available in three sizes to accommodate hooklengths from 4 inches through to 15 inches.
  8. Spare magnetic Rig Sticks that fit directly into the Mag Store Systems. Having spares allows you to tailor your Mag Store System to a specific match or session. Each Rig Stick simply locates with the use of high quality neodymium Magnets.
  9. The Method rig box is the ideal solution for carrying literally hundreds of short hooklengths, perfect for method feeder fishing.
  10. The Revalution spools are an EVA spool with a special plastic rotating pin system, eliminating the need for independent pins that can be easily lost.
  11. The Revalution Storage System is a spool system with a difference, EVA spools are the best way of storing long hooklengths but now pins are not required with the rotating plastic pin.
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