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  1. The Drennan Red Range Margin Carp is a true-length 8m pole, super strong and ideal for battling with big fish at close quarters.

    This pole has been primarily designed for match-sized carp on commercial fisheries. With well-balanced tackle it will cope with fish up to double figures with ease.
  2. -28% Shimano Beastmaster Margin Pole 850b 8.5m
    Designed for margin and close range fishing, the 8.5m Beastmaster Margin can be used with the very largest solid and hollow elastics, when fishing for large carp or catching big weights of all species. Featuring Shimano Safety Zone strengthening and Ultra Sound Sanding the Beastmaster Margin is one of the toughest poles available and perfect for margin and close range work.
  3. -12% Shimano Beastmaster Margin Pole Extreme 400 4m
    These extra heavy short section margin poles are fully interchangeable with the existing Beastmaster Margin. Built with XT60 carbon with Biofibre and with an unmistakeable finish.
Set Descending Direction