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Elastic / Connectors / Bushes Etc

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  1. Bungee Connectors are ideal for hollow elastic such as Drennan Carp Bungee.

    The combination of a semi-flexible bulbous bead and a tough nylon cone for attachment provides the ideal setup for all diameters of Drennan Carp Bungee and other tubular elastics.

    Connector Beads work best when used in conjunction with the correct size of PTFE Bungee Bush.
  2. Polemaster Carp Pole Float Silicone consists of three special sizes of silicone tubing for pole floats with larger diameter stems and tips.
  3. A lightweight alternative to the traditional, plastic elastic connector. The material is also designed to be stiff enough to help push the mainline away from the pole tip, which vastly reduces the chance of wrap-over tangles.
  4. Pole Elastic Connectors have a unique locking sleeve to ensure the rig cannot come off during fishing.
  5. Polemaster Extra Fine Pole Float Tube consists of three extra-fine diameters of silicone tubing for pole floats with slim wire or carbon stems.
  6. Hook Ups and Depth Marker Bands are essential items of pole fishing equipment

    Hook Ups allow you to keep your pole rig safely on your top kit when you are not using it. They are best set at rig depths to avoid exposing unnecessary lengths of elastic under tension. This avoids over-tensioning the elastic and exposing it to sunlight for too long.

    Depth Marker Bands are coloured silicone pieces that can be adjusted along the pole section to your rig depth as required thus avoiding the use of Tipp-Ex.
  7. Drennan Carp Bungee Pole Elastic is a tubular, twin-walled pole elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible fluorescent outer. It has excellent stretch and recovery properties and fish-playing characteristics, stretching out further and longer than solid latex elastic.
    Aqua - 4-6 F1 & Silverfish Bungee (1.5mm)
    Green - 6-8 Carp Bungee (1.8mm)
    Yellow - 10-12 Carp Bungee (2.1mm)
    Pink - 14-16 Carp Bungee (2.5mm)
    Red - 18-20 Carp Bungee (2.9mm)
    Orange - 25+ Power Bungee (3.6mm)
  8. Pole Float Sight Sleeves allow a change of tip colour to your pole float without the need to change the actual float.
  9. Carp Bungee Bushes are high-quality PTFE external bushes designed for use with all hollow pole elastics.
  10. Pull Bung is aimed at the pole angler who wants to tighten up the elastic temporarily when landing a fish.

    This clever device enables the angler to adjust the amount of elastic a fish can take from the base end of a top kit. Used sensibly it can enable an angler to effectively use a lighter grade of pole elastic and still be in control of both large and small fish.
  11. Bull Nose Pure PTFE Bushes are made from 100% pure PTFE.
  12. Super Slick Carp Bungee Bushes are made from pure white PTFE and shaped to match up with Polemaster Bungee Connectors.
  13. Super Slick Internal Bungee Bushes are made from pure white PTFE.
  14. Produced in an extra tough, ultra light material, the four sizes of Polemaster Winder Bungs fit an extremely wide range of top sections.
  15. Slick Lubricant is a must for smooth, trouble-free fish playing. It provides a micro film which literally makes the elastic feel polished and slick.
  16. Soft Stretch Anchors have extra long-life durability, retain their elasticity and have a special soft-stretch property that minimises the pressure on stored pole rigs.

    They have an approximate elongation of 300% and are available in three lengths; Short, Medium and Long.
  17. Guru Pole Elastic Connector - Extra Small
  18. Guru Pole Elastic Connectors. 5 Supplied per packet.
  19. Constructed from high quality PTFE, the slim elongated profile helps to eliminate line tangling around the base.
  20. Fluoro Slip Elastic is produced from pure latex combined with special fluorescent pigments that do not affect its strength or performance. Available in 10 strengths, on five metre spools
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