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  1. -20% Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer Socks Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer Socks
    You might be thinking that there isnt much that you can do with a pole sock, but this one has a few unique features which really make it stand out and will help you to fish more efficiently. To prevent your pole sliding forwards, most anglers attach either a pole sock or tulip flexing grip to their seatbox, but the Reaper combines the best of both.
  2. -20% Preston Innovations Competition Pro Flat Roller Preston Innovations Competition Pro Flat Roller
    The Competition Pro Flat Roller covers all pole fishing requirements and provides the angler with supreme stability and reliability, even when shipping at extreme lengths. This roller is the smallest in the range, featuring a simple and compact design. Ideal for all round use either fully extended, at standard height or laid flat.
  3. High quality pole roller that fits all standard banksticks and OffBox Pro Cross Arms and Ripple Bars. With dual rollers and integral locking nuts for precision adjustment. Made from soft pole friendly EVA.
  4. Perfect for precision location of your rod butt when feeder fishing, fully adjustable and featuring dual Snap-Lok quick release cams for ultimate adjustability. Includes a compact Dutchmaster EVA rest head.
  5. Features two threads for attaching a multitude of accessories. Can also be used for holding pole sections when not in use.

    Inserts Supplied - 30mm Round, 25mm Round, 23mm OffBox
  6. For use with rod rest heads, butt rests, pole grips and pole socks. Can be used for holding pole sections when not in use.

    Inserts Supplied - 30mm Round, 25mm Round, 23mm OffBox
  7. Features two threaded inserts and a third upright to separate and easily store pole sections when not in use, ideal for use with pole socks, pole grips and butt rests.
  8. -20% Preston Innovations Offbox 36 Roost - 6 Section Preston Innovations Offbox 36 Roost - 6 Section
    Designed to ensure that top kits are stored safely and securely. Featuring the innovative SnapLok system, so all you have to do is leave your knuckle on your seatbox and attach the roost. Simplicity itself!
  9. Complete with SnapLok for quick and easy assembly and transportation the new design offers greater stability and additional strength. The 360° infinite angle lock enables you to place your rod exactly where you want it, making the feeder arm ideal for venues where a conventional bankstick can’t be used. Offers complete horizontal and vertical adjustment.
  10. -20% Preston Innovations Offbox 36 Standard Kit Safe Preston Innovations Offbox 36 Standard Kit Safe
    The Standard KitSafe shares many of the same innovations and key features as the larger Deluxe KitSafe providing the angler with an excellent top kit storage solution, for up to eight kits.
  11. -20% Preston Innovations Offbox 36 Top Roost Kit - 6 Section
    Perfect for storing top kits safely and securely when used in conjunction with an OffBox Pro Cross Arm or Ripple Bar. Made from soft EVA with a standard screw thread, can also be fitted to a standard bankstick or tripod.
  12. The OffBox 36 Universal Arm has countless uses on the bank. This can be fixed horizontally or vertically for ultimate versatility. The Universal Arm comes complete with 125mm XL Bankstick and SnapLok fixing, increasing the Universal Arm's multitude of uses.
  13. -20% Preston Innovations Pole Grip
    Holds your pole close to hand. Gently sprung plastic sides grip pole sections from 3 - 6. Use with either a standard bankstick or one of several Off Box attachments.
  14. Perfect for keeping your pole close to hand and preventing it sliding forwards. The Pole Sock has a band around the neck to make location easy and prevent snagging. Fitted with a standard thread to fit onto a bank stick or Off Box accessories.
  15. -20% Preston Innovations Pro V Pole Roller
    UK's best selling V pole roller!

    Based on an ultra lightweight tripod, this roller has been a huge success since its launch. Not only does it have the height adjustable features, it also has the added advantage of being able to alter the angle at which the legs are set, making any type of bankside terrain easy to cope with.
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