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  1. Specifically designed for standard feeder work and the Method feeder, this line is fast sinking, tough, durable and has a long life with a slick surface finish for distance casting. It has been specially coated to give it a slick surface finish, providing it with some unique properties ideally suited to feeder fishing. The coating makes it perfect for distance casting, allowing it to cut under the water surface easily and enables it to sink quickly.
  2. New and improved Drennan Float Fish is ideal for a multitude of float fishing applications. The latest Float Fish retains many essential characteristics of the original classic and now has even greater knot strength.
  3. Series 7 Carp & Silverfish Monofilament is a great all-round line with a high performance and excellent knot strength.
  4. Specimen Camo XT is an exceptionally fast sinking, tough, durable and highly abrasion resistant making it ideal for various angling situations.
  5. Supplex is a fantastic material for float and feeder fishing main lines, pole rigs and hooklengths.
  6. Drag-Line is a robust, performance mono that’s been designed to withstand the rough and tumble of commercial-water carping. The repeated casting, playing and landing, especially with method feeders and pellet wagglers, that commercial-water success entails places great strain on a reel line, which is why we had to be completely happy with this one before Guru launched its first mono. The key criteria that the team identified meant that they’d only settle for a line that offered the optimum combination of abrasion resistance and diameter.
    The resulting line is super-supple as well as tough. This means that it positively purrs off the spool when repeatedly chucking method feeders.
  7. Pulse8 is a top quality eight carrier braid main line - eight carrier means it’s produced used eight tightly woven fine strands, rather than the more usual four, creating a supple, ultra thin, super strong braid. Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing when feel and direct contact is vital, it's the ultimate distance casting braid too. It comes in three breaking strains, 0.08mm/15lb, 0.10mm/18lb and 0.12mm/24lb, on 150m spools
  8. Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology with low-stretch and high abrasion resistance coupled with great casting and sinking properties to create the ultimate mono main line. Great for both feeder and waggler fishing
  9. Avoid 'crack off's' when distance casting with low diameter lines or braids that have heavier leads and feeders attached.
  10. Korum Feeder Line is our first ever reel line designed specifically, for modern feeder fishing techniques. It’s super-fast sinking as it has a specific gravity rate much denser than water, unlike many other lines. It’s superior knot strength, round profile and smooth olive green finish make it absolutely perfect for the rigours of modern feeder fishing.
  11. No other line can match the strength of Maxima Chameleon. For decades, anglers across the globe have trusted Maxima Chameleon to deliver unparalleled abrasion resistance, knot strength, tensile strength and toughness when the fight’s on. Like its namesake, Chameleon, this line has a unique formulation that enables it to change color hues to match the surrounding water and light conditions. No wonder that steelhead and salmon anglers who fish under some of the most challenging conditions choose Maxima Chameleon. Wherever brute strength is needed or rugged conditions are the norm, Maxima Chameleon excels.
  12. REFLO Power is exceptionally strong, supple and clear. Designed with built-in stretch also makes it an excellent line for pole rigs. Available in many sizes REFLO POWER line has quickly become the first choice hooklength for top match anglers.
  13. This is the ideal rig and hooklength material, supplied on 50m spools its supple, strong and knots extremely well. We believe this is genuinely one of the best lines available. 50m per spool.
  14. If you are looking for a great value, strong, long lasting line, Shimano's Aero Mono is the one for you. Created in a versatile matt brown translucent colour, this mono has been created for the all round match angler. Perfect for float or feeder fishing, built with exceptionally high knot strength and abrasion resistance.

    Available in:
    300m - 3lb 0.14mm
    300m - 4lb 0.16mm
    300m - 5lb 0.18mm
    300m - 6lb 0.20mm
    300m - 8lb 0.22mm
    300m - 10lb 0.25mm
    Quater Pound 2990m - 6lb 0.20mm
    Quater Pound 2480m - 8lb 0.22mm
    Quater Pound 1920m - 10lb 0.25mm
  15. Shimano's new Aspire Silk Shock is the prefect rig and hooklength line for match and coarse anglers. Two things really stand out about Silk Shock, it's low stretch and it's strength to diameter ratio, especially considering the line is marked accurately. Both of these things are sure to put you more fish on the bank. Japanese technology makes it possible to blend unbelievable softness, with the limited stretch in the line, something you may think creates a weak line but not in Silk Shocks line. The line has one of the highest breaking strain to diameter ratings on the market. The low stretch and suppleness within the line gives increased bite detection and the accurate measurements ensure you can be confident you are fishing effectively.

    Available Options:
    50m - 0.08mm 0.70kg
    50m - 0.10mm 1.20kg
    50m - 0,11mm 1.40kg
    50m - 0.12mm 1.70kg
    50m - 0.14mm 2.40kg
    50m - 0.16mm 3.00kg
    50m - 0.18mm 3.60kg
    50m - 0.20mm 4.40kg

    150m - 0.10mm 1.20kg
    150m - 0.12mm 1.70kg
    150m - 0.14mm 2.40kg
    150m - 0.16mm 3.00kg
    150m - 0.18mm 3.60kg
    150m - 0.20mm 4.40kg
    150m - 0.22mm 5.80kg
    150m - 0.25mm 7.00kg
  16. Line visibility (or lack of it) has always been a key factor when choosing mainline line, followed by strength and casting ability. Shimano's Technium Invisitec incorporates all three of these thanks to its triple core technology, so there is no need to compromise! For years Specimen hunters have been using Technium for its outstanding reliability, it is now available in lighter breaking strains to suit every anglers needs.
  17. The original low diameter high-tech monofilament computer tested. Made in Japan
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