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Cool / Bait Bags / Groundbait Bowls

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  1. These Coolbags are part of a new range of Drennan luggage that exudes quality!

    Thickly insulated with a heavy foil lining and extremely durable thanks to a tough, water resistant fabric and reinforced base, they are perfect for keeping your bait cool and fresh during a session.

    Available in two sizes:
    Medium – 20 litre (20 x 25 x 37cm)
    Large – 35 litre (24 x 28 x 54cm)
  2. -20% Guru Bait Umbrella Guru Bait Umbrella
    This bespoke bait brolly packs down so small that you'd hardly notice it, until you need it! It's just the right size to cover most side trays and, thanks to an adjustable central pole, it can be tilted down to give supreme coverage if the weather is really bad!
  3. This system consists of a zip-up Fusion 400 case, to protect your bait from the elements, whether that be sun or rain. Ideal for groundbait or soaked pellets when you need to keep the consistency even. The EVA system is easy to wipe clean and perfect for storing all baits in perfect condition. The 300 also fits snugly inside the 400 for neat storage.
  4. -20% Guru Fusion 300 Bait Pro + 200 Combo EVA Storage System Guru Fusion 300 Bait Pro + 200 Combo EVA Storage System
    This is a lightweight, rugged combo, consisting of two bait tubs. The smaller of the two tubs fits inside the large one for neat and easy storage. The EVA is waterproof and so can be wiped clean that the end of the session, or can be used for storing baits in water. These are ideal for pellets, or in particular soaked pellet or groundbait mixes.
  5. -20% Korum ITM Bait & Bits Bag Korum ITM Bait & Bits Bag
    Ideal for opportunist fishing, when you want all your bait and tackle in one easy to use bag. Grab what you need, load up and go.
  6. -20% Korum ITM Tackle & Bait Bag Korum ITM Tackle & Bait Bag
    This fantastic bag is ideal for all your tackle and bait. It's totally ITM compatible, and perfect for the roving fisherman.
  7. Three NEW bowls in the Competiion Pro range. Hard wearing wipe clean bait bowls suitable for mixing and storing groundbait. Collapsible for easy storage and transportation and featuring a stiff top ring to ensure rigidity whilst in use. Ideal for both commerical and natural venues.
  8. A waterproof EVA groundbait bowl with a rigid hoop, for attaching directly to seatbox or platform legs. Collapsible for easy storage and transportation. SnapLok for ease of transport and assembly.
  9. This high quality luggage meets the needs of the modern angler, being both practical and stylish in equal measures. The Supera luggage is constructed from high grade 840D wipe clean fabric which is extremely hard wearing and can be easily cleaned at the end of a session if required.
  10. The Supera Round Cool Bag is the perfect size for storing bait and any smaller items of terminal tackle, like pole pots, feeders, scissors, etc. The round shape makes it the perfect width to fit into our Buckets too, saving space. The Round Cool Bag is perfect for storing pellets worms, maggots, basically any bait that you need on your session.
  11. -20% Shimano Super Ultegra Bait Bag
    The Shimano Super Ultegra Bait Bag has been designed to fit up to 20 pints of bait and is perfect for a long weekend down at the bank. With a large central compartment that can house six 3.3 pint bait tubs (tubs not supplied), this bag is ideal for the angler who likes to take a variety of different baits and mixes down to the water’s edge. Manufactured for the angler who likes to fish with temperature sensitive baits, such as live baits and frozen boilies, this Super Ultegra Bait Bag is thermal lined throughout. This allows you to take temperature sensitive baits to the bank with confidence – even on hot summer bankside sessions.
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