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Carryalls / Rucksacks

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  1. -20% Drennan Carryall - Large Drennan Carryall - Large
    The Large Carryall is designed with the match angler in mind and is perfect for carrying lots of tackle to and from your peg.
  2. -20% Drennan Carryall - Medium Drennan Carryall - Medium
    The hard moulded base with Drennan logo measures 55cm x 25cm. Along with two handy zip-up side pockets it also has two full-length pockets for items such as keepnets, landing nets, riddles and trays. Small, Large and XL Carryalls are also available.
  3. -20% Drennan Carryall - Small
    The Small Carryall is perfect for anglers travelling light who want a no-nonsense bag for carrying modest amounts of tackle.

    Rigid, moulded base measuring approximately 55cm by 25cm and a capacity of approximately 50 litres.
  4. Large enough to take all of your bait boxes, tackle and Korum chair accessories in the main compartment and with separate side pockets for your keepnet and unhooking mat, this is a seriously useful bag.
  5. Designed to transport chair and nets in an easy to manage bag. Chairs fit sideways increasing ground clearance and making them easier to carry.
  6. -20% Korum ITM Bait & Bits Bag Korum ITM Bait & Bits Bag
    Ideal for opportunist fishing, when you want all your bait and tackle in one easy to use bag. Grab what you need, load up and go.
  7. -20% Korum ITM Carryall Korum ITM Carryall
    This carryall provides a shallower bag that is easier to get your gear into and out of. Purpose designed to provide an ITM compatible shoulder carryall.
  8. -20% Korum ITM Tackle & Bait Bag Korum ITM Tackle & Bait Bag
    This fantastic bag is ideal for all your tackle and bait. It's totally ITM compatible, and perfect for the roving fisherman.
  9. -20% Preston Innovations Competition Pro Large Carryall (55 Litres)
    The large carryall has the same design as the standard version but with bigger dimensions which will hold more equipment. There is a larger main compartment, keep net compartment, outer pocket and two zipped end pockets that carry a vast amount of equipment. There is also a padded shoulder strap and oversized zips for extra security.
  10. -20% Preston Innovations Supera Hardcase Roller & Roost Bag
    The Supera Roller & Roost Bag is the perfect width and size to house some of the largest pole rollers on the market. The height has been tested thoroughly and we ultimately developed the perfect size to comfortably fit up multiple pole rollers, and any other accessories, if required. The External pocket has been deisgned to store smaller OffBox/InBox items, such as balling in arms, hooklength boxes, catapults, etc.
  11. -20% Preston Innovations Supera Hardcase Tackle & Accessory Bag
    The Supera Tackle and Accessory Bag is the ultimate storage solution for anglers that carry lots of tackle to the bank. This high quality luggage meets the needs of the modern angler, being both practical and stylish in equal measures.
  12. EVA Welded construction for high waterproofing. Smooth touch handle for quick doiuble handle connection. Saltwater proof zippers.
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