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  1. -32% Chub Reel Case Standard
    Chub Standard Reel Case will accommodate the average size reel
  2. Designed with strong denier fabric and padded lining these rod holdalls are perfect for transporting your rods assembled ready to fish. With three separated compartments, large zippers, adjustable carrying handle and PVC durable base for extra protection.
  3. -20% Drennan 4 to 6 Tube Holdall Full Zip
    This compact 4-6 Tube Full-Zip holdall is similar in proportions to the existing 4-6 Tube Half-Zip Holdall, but features a main compartment that can be zipped open fully, plus the handy facility of being able to attach two Rod Sleeves to the exterior, for ease of transport.
  4. -20% Drennan 4 to 6 Tube Holdall - Half Zip Drennan 4 to 6 Tube Holdall - Half Zip
    The 4-6 Tube Half-Zip Rod Holdall is a sensible 195cm (6ft 5in) length and a compact design for anglers who don't carry so much gear to the bank.
  5. -20% Drennan Carryall - Large Drennan Carryall - Large
    The Large Carryall is designed with the match angler in mind and is perfect for carrying lots of tackle to and from your peg.
  6. -20% Drennan Carryall - Medium Drennan Carryall - Medium
    The hard moulded base with Drennan logo measures 55cm x 25cm. Along with two handy zip-up side pockets it also has two full-length pockets for items such as keepnets, landing nets, riddles and trays. Small, Large and XL Carryalls are also available.
  7. -20% Drennan Carryall - Small
    The Small Carryall is perfect for anglers travelling light who want a no-nonsense bag for carrying modest amounts of tackle.

    Rigid, moulded base measuring approximately 55cm by 25cm and a capacity of approximately 50 litres.
  8. These Coolbags are part of a new range of Drennan luggage that exudes quality!

    Thickly insulated with a heavy foil lining and extremely durable thanks to a tough, water resistant fabric and reinforced base, they are perfect for keeping your bait cool and fresh during a session.

    Available in two sizes:
    Medium – 20 litre (20 x 25 x 37cm)
    Large – 35 litre (24 x 28 x 54cm)
  9. Drennan Double Rod Sleeves can safely store up to two made-up rods and are now available in three lengths, Short, Medium and Long.
  10. -20% Drennan Reel Bag Drennan Reel Bag
    The Reel Case is designed to keep your reel clean and free from grit and dirt.
  11. Our extremely popular Short, Medium & Long Single Rod Sleeves.
  12. The Drennan Slimline 2 Rod Hard Case is a practical and efficient way to store and transport up to two made-up rods.
  13. -20% Drennan Visi Box - Long Drennan Visi Box - Long
    The Long Visi-Box is our latest addition to the practical and stylish Visi-Box family.
  14. The Drennan Visi-Box is a really practical storage solution for all manner of accessories, baits and other fishing items.

    The two sizes are both made from semi-rigid EVA material which is robust, yet lightweight and durable. It is also waterproof and really easy to wipe clean.

    A clear, zip-up lid also allows you to easily see what’s inside.

    The Small Visi-Box (22 x 14.5 x 9cm) has a 2.5-litre capacity.
    The Large Visi-Box (29 x 21.5 x 10cm) has a 6-litre capacity.
  15. These padded storage containers are sure to be popular amongst anglers for all sorts of items – not least because you can see what’s inside!

    Available in two sizes, they both feature padded walls for extra protection and transparent zip-open lids.
  16. -20% Guru Fusion 110 EVA Storage System
    Guru EVA Fusion accessory bags have full-length three-sided zips that allow their tops to be fully opened lengthways for quick, easy access to the contents.

    Ideal for all cage, pellet, Method or blockend feeders, they are compatible with other Fusion accessory items and the Guru Rig Case
  17. -20% Guru Fusion 210 Extra Small EVA Storage System Guru Fusion 210 Extra Small EVA Storage System
    Perfect for storing a wide range of end tackle such as pole pots, feeders, leads, baiting needles and pellet wagglers, the 210 is also the perfect size to house a one-pint Guru Bait Box. It’s the one you have on your sidetray to keep useful bits and pieces to hand, whilst still keeping them dry and dirt-free.
  18. -20% Guru Fusion 400 Small EVA Storage System Guru Fusion 400 Small EVA Storage System
    A perfect fit for the Small Rig Cases and other end-tackle items. You can store six Small Rig Cases in the Fusion 400 with ease, or even fit in three Small Rig Cases and a Rig Box, allowing you to neatly carry a mix of short and long hooklengths. The four litre capacity gives you plenty of room to carry all kinds of other tackle in the case too, such as pole pots, feeders, or spare terminal tackle. The ideal and handy box for commercial anglers.
  19. This system consists of a zip-up Fusion 400 case, to protect your bait from the elements, whether that be sun or rain. Ideal for groundbait or soaked pellets when you need to keep the consistency even. The EVA system is easy to wipe clean and perfect for storing all baits in perfect condition. The 300 also fits snugly inside the 400 for neat storage.
  20. -20% Guru Fusion 420 Long EVA Storage System Guru Fusion 420 Long EVA Storage System
    The perfect storage case for holding Guru’s Large Rig Cases, or even three Small Rig Cases and a Rig Box! This storage system has an elongated shape, making it perfect for slipping into your carryall without taking up lots of room.
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