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  1. The Guru Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt, paired with thermal trousers, makes an effective base layer under a sweater or hoodie, and is great for active anglers who don’t let the winter months put a stop to their fishing. Thermal base layers also work well year round as effective night clothing for campaign carp anglers, keeping you warm and ensuring you waste no time responding to that 3am bite alarm.
  2. Stylish Zipped Hooded Top from Daiwa
  3. Drennan’s original Hoody is now joined by a Full Zip Hoody. Made from the same heavyweight, durable fabrics and with the same stylish and understated colour scheme, this garment looks great on the bank!

    Manufactured from top-quality anti-pill material with YKK zips, drawstring hood and hand warmer pockets. Available in six sizes from Small to XXXL.
  4. These stylish and understated Drennan Joggers perfectly complement the entire Drennan Clothing range.
  5. A stylish polo shirt with a button collar and in Drennan's popular colour scheme.
  6. Guru as always are amongst the market leaders in design and innovations. These classy trainers are not only smart, but comfortable and practical as well. Custom designed by the Guru in-house apparel team with full waterproofing and several other unique features, for both match and pleasure anglers alike.
  7. Black T-Shirt with Guru logo on the back.
  8. The Guru waterproof socks provide a high level of protection and insulation in cold and wet weather. The breathable membrane prevents the build up of sweat and helps keep your feet dry. The socks are made with a three layer construction, which are bonded together to create a single unit with no movement between them.
  9. This stylish logo hoodie is made from 320gsm fleece jersey material to get that warm, cosy feel. Rather than simply printing Guru logos on an existing hoody, Guru decided to remodel the whole concept! The result is what they call, Action Fit. A fitted, raglan shoulder and stretchy underarm panels (picked out in Guru orange) keep the trimmed shape, while allowing you to move freely.
  10. This cap is made from a mesh-back cap with understated nylon fabric and clean branding make this a good summer option. They're fashionable, functional, hardwearing and provide essential shade for the eyes when fishing hard through bright conditions.
  11. A mesh-back cap with understated nylon fabric and clean branding make this a good summer option.
  12. Guru Competition Pro polarised Sunglasses
  13. A smart, stylish casual sweater, this crew neck jumper from Guru is presented in classic black, with contrasting collar and cuffs in slate grey, giving you an eye catching, contemporary look that works well on any venue, and is idea when you're stocking up your tackle bag, cleaning down your gear, or simply enjoying a bankside social.
  14. Constructed using a lightweight Dry Kore material that offers amazing fast-drying properties, they're designed to keep the angler fresh and well ventilated whatever the weather.
  15. Guru Grey Tee
  16. A hot-orange towel that’ll help you keep your hands free from a coating of groundbait and fish slime. This is an essential item when using the Speedmesh PVA because any dampness on your hands will melt your carefully tied bags.
  17. A lanyard for your sunglasses featuring the highly recognisable Guru branding.
  18. These are the trousers to reach for when the temperature drops. They have a 120 gram-per-square-metre polar-fleece lining from top to bottom, which keeps out the cold, right down to the very coldest temperatures that we experience before the lakes freeze! The outer shell of the Polar Kombats has a DWR coating that beads water, ensuring that you stay dry, as well as warm. Just like the Original Kombats, the Polar Kombats are blessed with an array of pockets, nine in all, two of which are hidden inside the thigh compartments, and have been specially shaped to allow you to move freely. Finally, the Polar Kombats have the same mosquito repellent incorporated within their very fabric, so any mossies that get going early in the spring, or persist late into the autumn. They are available sizes S(30in waist), M(32in), L(34in) XL(36in), 2XL(38in), 3XL(40in), all of which are regular length.
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