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  1. These Bait Booster Liquids are perfect for adding to all baits, especially pellets and groundbait mixes for a super strong flavour attraction boost. Being PVA friendly means small bags, or even loaded method feeders, can be dipped directly in to them for a coating before casting. Available in Banoffee, Chocolate Orange, Krill & Squid, Piña Colada or Washed Out flavours. Supplied in 800ml Bottles.
  2. Band 'Um Wafter Hook Baits are semi-buoyant which makes them ideal for critically balanced rigs, compensating for the weight of the hook, and ensuring fish can suck up the baited hook easier. Available in Banoffee, Chocolate Orange, Krill & Squid, Piña Colada or Washed Out flavours.
  3. This oil based attractor is flavour matched to the Hookbait Pellets and Paste so can be added to pellets and groundbaits. Because of the oil base it is PVA Friendly and will extend the time a hard pellet hookbait can be left in the water, this is because it slows the water down from entering the pellet and dissolving it.
  4. These Oozing Pellets are designed to help the barbel or carp find these baits in the worst of conditions due to their intense flavour and colour combinations.
  5. Barbel are extremely good at picking out smells in the water. They are constantly searching for food to give them more energy. This is why smellier baits definitely help anglers catch more barbel.
  6. Super smelly hookbaits that have been designed with flavours and textures that barbel can’t resist.
  7. -20% Sonubaits Black Bread Crumb 900g
    Sonubaits Black Breadcrumb is ideal for adding to any groundbait mix. The black colour will darken off a mix to make it stand out less on the lake or riverbed. This fine black crumb create a fluffy fix, with only little feed content.
  8. Bloodworm is one of the greatest fishing bait attractors pretty much every fresh water fish will have feed on bloodworm.
  9. -20% Sonubaits Bream Feeder Groundbait 2kg Sonubaits Bream Feeder Groundbait 2kg
    Bream Feeder is made by crushing fish pellets, fishmeal and corn-based ingredients all of which are proven baits for Bream. They are crushed to leave bigger particles which will stay on the bottom as the shoal of bream sift through the groundbait looking for the bigger particles, this means the shoal stays feeding for longer, it also creates more competition so they are more likely to get caught. Because the larger particles are heavy they will also drop back to the lake bed so keeping the feeding area going for longer.
  10. -20% Sonubaits Brown Bread Crumb 900g
    Sonubaits Brown Breadcrumb is a fine textured quality breadcrumb that will help to add bulk to a groundbait mix, it can also be used on its own as a great carrier for feed such as chopped worms, corn or even micro pellets.
  11. Halibut Pellets are a superb bait for all specimen fish especially Barbel and Chub, we have taken this pellet and enhanced it with a concentrated cheesy garlic flavour.
  12. It’s not often a completely new innovation appears in the bait world, but here’s yet another from Sonubaits! Clear Pellet Oil is an oil that sinks!
  13. Sonubaits Elliptical pellets have caught huge numbers of barbel, carp and other specimen fish from venues all over Europe.
  14. -20% Sonubaits Exploding Fishmeal Groundbait 2kg Sonubaits Exploding Fishmeal Groundbait 2kg
    This is one of the first groundbaits that was made by Sonubaits, it has really stood the test of time still being one of our most popular baits for all coarse fish.
  15. -20% Sonubaits F1 Dark Groundbait 2kg
    Part of the massively successful F1 range, F1 Dark is the perfect mix to use either on its own or to darken down other groundbaits.
  16. Sonubaits F1 is the original and best sweet fishmeal, the flavour combination of a unique sweet additive and the added blend of fishmeals has proven to be a winner with all species of fish; especially F1's Carp and skimmers.
  17. -20% Sonubaits F1 Green Groundbait 2kg
    Part of the massively successful F1 range, F1 Green is the perfect mix to use on commercials where green groundbaits work well.
  18. Developed by Des Shipp for catching F1’s and commercial carp F1 has proven to be a revolution in modern fishmeal based groundbaits. It has also proven to be very successful with skimmers too.
  19. If you use the Method Feeder you need to be sure your pellets stay on the feeder through the cast, impact with the water and drop to the bottom before the break away from the feeder revealing the hookbait.
  20. This paste has a unique texture with a soft consistency which means that it can be fished with confidence on a pole, waggler or feeder. The bait is still really soft and fluffy and easily presented at distances of over 60 yards.
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