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  1. The proud winner of not one, not two, but three Fish ‘O Mania titles, this is a bait that really needs no introduction. Perfect for the angler that really wants to up their success rate and see some results, you can be guaranteed to see an improvement in your chances of getting that dream catch with this bait.
  2. This paste was added to the Ringers range to compliment the Bag-Up Groundbait.

    It is available in original and red colours (each sold separately) to suit different venues. Each comes in a special bag that helps you mix it correctly you simply empty the contents into a bait tub and then fill the empty bag to the fill line printed on the outside of the packet. Add this water to the powder, mix it in and then leave to stand and you will get the perfect paste.
  3. The company owned by England Feeder team gold medal winner Phil Ringer has added Liquid Betaine to its range of additives. The natural stimulant is a proven fish-catcher and can be added to just about any bait. The water-soluble solution is also an ideal ‘pep’ when expanders are being prepared with a pellet pump.
  4. Liquid Molasses is a classic additive which carp & bream love.

    The sickly sweet flavour is perfect for adding to groundbait or for using with feed and expander pellets.

    Supplied in a 250ml bottle.
  5. Pellet designed for fishing in cold or clear water conditions and derived from koi carp diet. They will induce a feeding response in any conditions. These low oil high wheatgerm pellets are perfect for carp and all coarse fish.
  6. A dark green version of Ringers Bag-Up Mix that retains all the attraction of the original.
  7. The strong fishy smell makes it perfect for adding extra punch to any bait. Groundbait, pellets, corn, meat, bread, anything will take on the pungent aroma and dark green colour.
    Supplied in 250ml bottle.
  8. For all you winter F1 anglers, a smaller expander pellet to match the colour and size of feed pellets. Once soaked these 3.5mm pellets turn a lighter colour, making them ideal for finicky feeding F1s and skimmers.
  9. Bringing you the ultimate in groundbait sweetness, and perfect for keen match and coarse anglers to add to method feeders, Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Mix is blended with a choice of the finest ingredients, creating a rich, complex, nutritious attraction stream that will draw fish to your swim, and ensure they're focused on feeding, making it more likely that you'll get a good nip on your hookbait.
  10. Laced with Shellfish attractant, these dyes are perfect for dyeing all baits including, pellets, meat, corn, bread, groundbait etc.
  11. The Ringers Meaty Red Method Mix is a blend of meat proteins, added meat meal and a few other secret ingredients. Pungent attraction is guaranteed.
  12. After the Ringers Method Micros 2mm pellets were used on several different venues, they have produced the goods every time. They are easy to prepare and use, the pellets are perfect for the method feeder but can also be used in a standard cage feeder, with excellent results. They are formulated to be moulded around a method feeder.
  13. The pellet Method and groundbait Method feeder are two devastating tactics - by combining pellets and groundbait in one mix you are getting the best of both tactics Phil Ringer.
  14. Following on from the success of the bag-up pellets, the Next Generation expander is born. Superior in quality, firmer on the hook and easier to sink, this is the pellet for the future.
  15. Unlike the original soft hook pellets, the Next Generation Soft Hook pellets are of a slightly firmer consistency, yet still soft enough to please even the fussiest of match anglers.
  16. A masterpiece when it comes to hook bait technology. It is able to provide the perfect amount of buoyancy to become critically balanced as to not float, but to also not sink, allowing you to set up your hook bait in the perfect position. Ideal for both skimmers and carp and most other species of coarse fish. Designed to be compatible with the Guru QM1 series, size 14 hooks for the best presentation.
  17. These Ringers Pop Up Pellets have already caught lots of fish during testing and are sure to be a winner. They have a very pungent smell, ideal when targeting all fish
  18. Pure-Ground Expander is produced from high quality expander pellets ground down to produce a fine crumb. This creates a groundbait that can be used in a variety of situations for either float or feeder fishing.
  19. Premium quality coarse pellets, ideal for use on commercials or naturals. These are the highest grade possible pellets on the market. Full of the best ingredients.
  20. Phil Ringers not-so-secret secret is out !!!!

    Packed with fish holding particles

    Perfect for fishing "down the edge"
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