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  1. Super bright, super buoyant, visually appealing and packed with pungent flavours, our Hi-Viz Fluro Pop-Ups come in mixed tubs. With even more buoyancy these pop-ups are all you need.
  2. -11% Bait-Tech Hybrid Barbel Hookbaits 250ml Tub
    These new style pellets, never before been seen in the fishing bait industry, available in mixed tubs, are a total revolution in pellet production. A malleable bait that can be both side hooked or hair rigged with no drilling – these high oil baits will leech flavour over long periods giving a persistent scent trail that big fish won’t be able to resist.
  3. Jellets are the soft hooker/jelly pellet from Bait-Tech. Five great flavours but with a twist. We have added a certain little secret something to the formula they are pumped with to produce an even more usable, appealing and attractive hook and feed bait.
  4. Bait Tech Soft Hook Pellets are soft, sinking hook pellets which have been designed to be versatile to all fishing situations.
    Made from our Xpand pellets and pumped with gelatine and additional fishmeals & additives to make these pellets not only user friendly, but brilliant fish catchers.
    Available in 5 flavours:
    Krill & Tuna
    N-Tice Meaty
  5. As commercial Carp continue to wise up we recognise the need for cutting edge hookbaits and a wide variety of presentation options. Offering the angler to easily swap between these using simple attachment methods such as bait bands, hair rigs or bayonets catching more carp and winning more matches has never been easier!
  6. The Juice continues to be a massive success story wherever it goes and it seemed only right to add in another variety of Juice Dumbells!

    All the shape and attractors of the original The Juice Dumbells but these are pellet colour.
  7. Xpand pellets are the most sought after and used expander pellet available! Their ease of preparation, consistent texture, colour and performance mean they are in the hands of the top anglers.
    Available in: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm
  8. These two colour super buoyant pop ups are perfect for tipping off any hook bait for extra hi-visual attraction and for creating critically balanced presentations in conjunction with bottom baits and wafters. Brilliant for Snowman and Zig Rigs and devastating when popped up over a Method Feeder.
  9. Zig Bites are brilliant duper buoyant hook baits to fish 'Zig style' and intercept cruising fish in the upper layers. Highly visual and containing a unique rapid disperse flavour these baits will often score heavily over imitation non - food baits such as foam and plastic. Each pot contains mixed sizes to enable you to match your baits to both your hook size and fishing situation.
  10. Designed for the feeder or float these semi-buoyant hookbaits are a deadly option. By just balancing the hook size to the baits will give you a powerful fish catching approach. Easily applied either by bayonet or band, available in two sizes per tub & in four colours to cover all methods.
  11. Drennan Pop Ups are bright, buoyant, highly attractive and extremely effective for carp.
  12. Drennan Bandit Dumbells have been created with the same winning colour and flavour combinations as our latest Method Boilies: white Scopex Syrup, pink Crab & Krill, yellow Pineapple Punch, orange Tutti Frutti and black Inky Squid.
  13. Drennan Pop Ups are bright, buoyant, highly attractive and extremely effective for carp. They are also enhanced with a very special Fruity Fish flavour. This unique formula combines both citrus fruit and fishmeal flavours to give you the best of both worlds.
  14. Drennan Method Boilies are highly visible with five proven flavour combinations, including white Scopex Syrup, pink Crab & Krill, yellow Pineapple Punch, orange Tutti Frutti and black Inky Squid.
  15. These handy little tubs of soft hooker pellets are available in a choice of 4mm and 6mm – and now available in four distinct flavours.
  16. -20% Mainline Baits Match Boilies - Orange Chocolate / 8mm
  17. -20% Mainline Baits Match Boilies - Pink Tuna / 8mm
  18. -20% Mainline Baits Match Boilies - White Cell / 8mm
  19. -20% Mainline Baits Match Boilies - Yellow Pineapple / 8mm
  20. The easy-to-use Dumbell Wafters provide the angler with an advanced hookbait presentation combined with high-leakage attraction…

    The 8mm Dumbell Wafter is perfect for use with a Hair-Rigged bait band, giving you a hookbait that is critically balanced with a size Guru 12 QM1 hook. The semi-buoyant nature of these hookbaits lightens the weight of a hook, and ensures the hook itself is presented in a manner to give you the best chance of hook-ups. The balanced buoyancy of these baits mean they’re easily sucked-up by fish, wafting into the mouths of the specimens that suck up feed well away from your feeder.
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