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Groundbaits / Method Mixes

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  1. Easy-to-prepare Specimen Method Mix, perfect for any situation.
    Avaliable in:
    Big Carp Method Mix Poloni,
    Big Carp Method Mix Tiger & Peanut,
    Big Carp Method Mix Krill & Tuna,
    Big Carp Method Mix Sweet Coconut.
  2. -20% Bait-Tech Karma Method Mix Groundbait
    Take your Method fishing to the next level with the Method mix of all Method mixes! Karma is the new name for Bait-Tech's unbeatable blend of fishmeals and meat derivatives. A fast breakdown method mix made with biscuits, fishmeals and meat proteins giving truly unique fish-catching properties.
  3. -20% Bait-Tech Omen Bream Groundbait & Feeder Mix (2kg)
    Bream fishing will never be the same again! Designed specifically to target skimmer and bream, this groundbait makes a mockery of ‘traditional’ mixes. Developed for use in a feeder or on the pole, the easy mix formula boasts three new bream attracting flavours and herbs that are very different from the norm. Now proven by numerous anglers’ testimonials that our technicians have once again come up trumps.
  4. As we’ve been told by our consultants, this could be the best all round feeder mix available. Trialled and perfected to be used in connection with any feeder style, the Pro Feeder range can be used in any form from dry and explosive through to over wet and inert. Dedicated feeder anglers have championed this bait due to its versatility and ingredient content that stimulates and holds fish.
  5. -20% Bait-Tech Pro Natural Fine Lake Dark Groundbait (1.5kg)
    Pro Natural Groundbait Mix is designed for rivers and natural still waters, this highly acclaimed mix is aimed at the sweeter side of the groundbait spectrum to target silverfish like Barbel, Bream, Chub, Roach, Dace and Tench.
  6. Bait-Tech Pro Natural Groundbait - Designed for rivers and natural still waters, this highly acclaimed mix is aimed at the sweeter side of the groundbait spectrum to target silverfish like Barbel, Bream, Chub, Roach, Dace and Tench.
    Available in Natural & Dark
  7. Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90 – and these two have it in abundance.
    Available in:
    Bait-Tech Special 'G' Groundbait - Gold
    Bait-Tech Special 'G' Groundbait - Green
    Bait-Tech Special 'G' Groundbait - Dark
  8. The ultimate all-round method mix has arrived. Full of nothing but natural ingredients, this proven fish catcher boasts nothing but quality. Super high in value with all the attraction in a top class bait, the Super Method Mix has been developed using a fascinating blend of sweet herbs and spices that carp and other fish adore. Available in Natural & Red
  9. -20% Bait-Tech The Juice Groundbait (1kg) Bait-Tech The Juice Groundbait (1kg)
    The Juice Groundbait is a new and unique formula based around commercials and tailored for the need to catch large numbers of big fish quickly. Fast breakdown, low binding properties give endless options particularly when the need to over wet or ‘slop’ the mix.
  10. -20% Bait-Tech Triple-N Stick & Bag Mix Bait-Tech Triple-N Stick & Bag Mix
    The Triple-N Stick & Bag Mix contains key ingredients of the Triple-N boilie which help create the perfect mix of active particles. The trio-blend of highly attractive nutmeals makes this Stick & Bag Mix highly nutritional and ensures the correct profile of essential amino acids to suit the carp diet.

    This mix ensures a continuous release of attraction which will permeate through the water column. A quick breakdown of the soluble ingredients attracts carp towards your hookbait.
  11. All the groundbaits are designed to perform soon after entry, breaking down quick to release their attractants and particles, pulling fish to your swim fast. The Method Box is a quality pellet and liquid combo that makes prep quick, easy and consistent. Semi-buoyant hookbaits are available in 6/8mm and 8/10mm across four colours.
  12. -20% Mainline Baits Match Margin Mix Groundbait (Coarse) 1kg
    Packed full of particles, complimented by a super-rich mix of fishmeal and ground pellet, the Match Margin Mix has been developed using the highest quality ingredients.

    To help concentrate feeding fish and hold them feeding on the bottom for longer, the mix is heavy and full of feed. Making it the perfect choice for targeting fish in the margins.

    Packed in 1kg re-seal bags to maintain freshness
  13. -20% Mainline Baits Match Pole Mix Super Fine Mix 1kg
    As the name suggests the Super Fine Match Pole mix has been designed primarily for use feeding the pole line…

    With the main ingredient being finely milled expander pellet this mix offers the perfect base for holding fish whilst not over feeding them. To round the mix off, other ingredients such as super-fine crumb and high-grade fishmeals are also included, making it the perfect choice straight from the bag.

    Packed in 1kg re-seal bags to maintain freshness
  14. -20% Marine Nutrition Feed Krill 800g
    Premium, fresh frozen Krill. Ideal for use in spod, groundbait and paste mixes. Can also be used in boilie mixes and as a loose feed. Highly attractive to Carp, Tench, Bream and Barbel.
  15. -20% Marine Nutrition Mysis 1kg
    Tiny freshwater Shrimp with very high nutritional profile - fish simply can't get enough of it. Mixes well into boilie mixes, spod mixes, pastes & groundbaits.
  16. -20% Ringers Dark Green Groundbait 1kg
    A dark green version of Ringers Bag-Up Mix that retains all the attraction of the original.
  17. -20% Ringers Feeder Sweet Fishmeal Mix 1kg
    Bringing you the ultimate in groundbait sweetness, and perfect for keen match and coarse anglers to add to method feeders, Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Mix is blended with a choice of the finest ingredients, creating a rich, complex, nutritious attraction stream that will draw fish to your swim, and ensure they're focused on feeding, making it more likely that you'll get a good nip on your hookbait.
  18. -20% Ringers Meaty Red Method Mix 1kg
    The Ringers Meaty Red Method Mix is a blend of meat proteins, added meat meal and a few other secret ingredients. Pungent attraction is guaranteed.
  19. -20% Ringers Pure Ground Expander 800g
    Pure-Ground Expander is produced from high quality expander pellets ground down to produce a fine crumb. This creates a groundbait that can be used in a variety of situations for either float or feeder fishing.
  20. -20% Sonubaits Black Bread Crumb 900g
    Sonubaits Black Breadcrumb is ideal for adding to any groundbait mix. The black colour will darken off a mix to make it stand out less on the lake or riverbed. This fine black crumb create a fluffy fix, with only little feed content.
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