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Daiwa Advantage Baits

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  1. All the groundbaits are designed to perform soon after entry, breaking down quick to release their attractants and particles, pulling fish to your swim fast. The Method Box is a quality pellet and liquid combo that makes prep quick, easy and consistent. Semi-buoyant hookbaits are available in 6/8mm and 8/10mm across four colours.
  2. Designed for the feeder or float these semi-buoyant hookbaits are a deadly option. By just balancing the hook size to the baits will give you a powerful fish catching approach. Easily applied either by bayonet or band, available in two sizes per tub & in four colours to cover all methods.
  3. The Method Box makes great pellets for The Method quick, easy and consistent. Add the 75ml bottle of booster and the same of water to the 500g of pellets, shake and leave for 30-60 minutes. What you have are ready to go pellets for The Method, Hybrid and Pellet feeders.
Set Descending Direction