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  1. A superb storage solution
  2. -20% Bait-Tech 5L Square Camo Bucket & Lid
    This handy square camo bucket will keep your baits dry and secure as well as stacking neatly with the added bonus of looking great!
  3. Drennan Bait Bowls are a pair of square format containers made from semi-rigid, waterproof, EVA material with rounded corners and welded seams.

    The square design ensures they sit neatly on most side trays. The Small Bait Bowl has a 7-litre capacity. The Large Bait Bowl has a 9-litre capacity. The small bowl also fits neatly inside the larger model so they take up less space in your carryall.
  4. -20% Drennan Bait Bucket Set 25L Drennan Bait Bucket Set 25L
    The Drennan 25L Bucket System consists of a main 25-litre bucket, plus a shallow bowl, bait riddle and zip-open cover.
  5. The ever-popular Bait Waiter has stood the test of time as one of the most practical seatbox accessories ever produced.
  6. The Maggibox is one of the best-selling bait storage boxes of all time!
  7. Bait Seal Boxes are available in Aqua or Olive Green. Each features a solid ‘bait seal’ lid, which is ideal for storing pellets and other particle baits.
  8. -20% Fox Bait Tubs - Full Size
    Fox Bait Tubs have been designed for secure storage of all hookbaits Fox Bait Tubs feature a screw down leak proof lid with rubber O ring seal allowin
  9. -20% Fox Bait Tubs - Half Size
    Fox Bait Tubs have been designed for secure storage of all hookbaits Fox Bait Tubs feature a screw down leak proof lid with rubber O ring seal allowin
  10. These Gardner maggot/bait tubs are an essential angling accessory and ideal for carrying most types of bait.
  11. Gardner Camo Bait Buckets do exactly what you would expect a bait bucket to do but with the added advantage of a carpy camo pattern to help them blend
  12. A new range of hard-wearing Square Bait Buckets, finished with a nicely tweaked version of our unique Gardner Camo pattern.

    The single biggest advantage of using square buckets are they can be stacked in the neatest and most efficient manner (great for maximum load and balance on barrows and porters). They are perfect for carrying and storing all manner of baits or for mixing ground baits.
  13. A range of hard-wearing multi-purpose Bait Buckets – they are perfect for carrying, storing and mixing wet or dry particles, ground baits and boilie mixes.
  14. New-20% Gardner Method Bowl
    The Gardner Method Bowl is a groundbait mixing bowl made from collapsible wipe-clean material.Gardner Method Bowl features:Extremely lightweight and f
  15. Simple yet effective, these Pellet Bait Box Strainers in three-pint and one-pint sizes take the guesswork out of preparing micro pellets. Simply soak the pellets and remove the strainer!
  16. The Guru Bait boxes are available in three sizes – 3.3 pints, 2.2 pints and one pint (which is an exact 1-pint measure, making it ideal for anglers who have to keep to strict bait limits). The two larger tubs have perforated lids and the smaller version is available with solid and perforated lids. The larger boxes will fit traditional bait waiters, and two of the smaller boxes will fit snugly inside the bigger boxes.
  17. -20% Guru Bait Umbrella Guru Bait Umbrella
    This bespoke bait brolly packs down so small that you'd hardly notice it, until you need it! It's just the right size to cover most side trays and, thanks to an adjustable central pole, it can be tilted down to give supreme coverage if the weather is really bad!
  18. This system consists of a zip-up Fusion 400 case, to protect your bait from the elements, whether that be sun or rain. Ideal for groundbait or soaked pellets when you need to keep the consistency even. The EVA system is easy to wipe clean and perfect for storing all baits in perfect condition. The 300 also fits snugly inside the 400 for neat storage.
  19. -20% Guru Fusion 300 Bait Pro + 200 Combo EVA Storage System Guru Fusion 300 Bait Pro + 200 Combo EVA Storage System
    This is a lightweight, rugged combo, consisting of two bait tubs. The smaller of the two tubs fits inside the large one for neat and easy storage. The EVA is waterproof and so can be wiped clean that the end of the session, or can be used for storing baits in water. These are ideal for pellets, or in particular soaked pellet or groundbait mixes.
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