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Casting Protection

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  1. The Gardner Casting Glove is another Gardner first. The Gardner Casting Glove has been specially designed for spodding braid users and long range cast
  2. The design combines minimalist size and weight with uncompromising protection of your casting finger when fishing in high impact scenarios, such as extreme range casting and when spodding bait out.

    Available in 2 sizes; standard and large.
    Left and right handed versions available.
  3. The Korda Finger Stall has been specifically designed to protect your finger whilst casting long distances without losing the touch of your mainline.T
  4. High protection casting glove for extreme range casting or intense spodding.
  5. -20% Reuben Heaton Finger Stall
    The Reuben Heaton Finger Stall is designed to protect the casting finger of the angler who is repeatedly casting or long range casting with mono or br
Set Descending Direction