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  1. The most innovative air pole bivvy market. It’s extremely easy to put up or pack down and features and industry first air poled peak.
  2. -33% Chub Bivvy Table
    This remarkably lightweight aluminium bivvy table is extremely robust in construction offering the angler a strong and level platform for storing a tackle box accessories phone etc.
  3. -29% Chub Coffee Maker Chub Coffee Maker
    Enjoy filter coffee in the outdoors with this trendy coffee maker.
  4. Lowest Ever Price!! Unbeatable value on one of Chub's most popular bivvies!

  5. -29% Chub Digital Scales
    A 30kg/66lb capacity in 25g/1oz divisions provides a high level of accuracy and the generous zero/tare facility will accommodate the largest of weigh slings. The load stability recognition and hold facility makes the weighing and recording process quick and simple to use.
  6. -51% Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle
    Half Price Whilst Stocks Last!
  7. -51% Chub NRG 2 Piece Cook Set
    This frying pan and saucepan set is created with energy gathering loop to impove heat efficiency by up to 50%.
    Set contains 1,7L pot, 7,5" fry pan
  8. -45% Chub Outkast 10ft 3.00lb Compact Carp Rod (New 2015)
    Balanced, responsive rods with a progressive action, popular with angelrs worldwide.
  9. -42% Chub Outkast 12ft 2.75lb Carp Rod (New 2015)
  10. -49% Chub Outkast 12ft 3.0lb Full Cork Carp Rod (New 2015)
  11. -42% Chub Outkast 12ft 4.0lb Marker Rod (New 2015)
    Repsonsive tip with a powerful butt section to make feature finding at range both easier and more effective.
  12. -49% Chub Outkast 12ft 5.0lb Spod Rod (New 2015)
    Chub Outkast Spod Rod.
    Progressive power action for accuracy at range.
    Designed to cope with the rigours of all modern day bait delivery.
  13. -42% Chub Outkast 50 12ft 3.25lb Carp Rod (New 2015)

    New for 2015 is the upgraded Chub Outkast, better looks, better components, better price!
  14. Balanced, responsive rods with a progressive powerful action, popular with anglers worldwide.
  15. -20% Chub Outkast 60" Brolly / System Overwrap Chub Outkast 60" Brolly / System Overwrap
    Chub Outkast 60" Brolly / System Overwrap
  16. This rapid erect bivvy comprises of a 3 pole, 4 section frame so it can be set up in seconds to create a sturdy all weather bivvy.
  17. -38% Chub Outkast Ez-Back Chair Chub Outkast Ez-Back Chair
    An innovative chair, featuring an easy to extend back rest, so that shoulders, neck and head will always be supported.
  18. -20% Chub Outcast Plus Stalking - 9' 2.5lb
    Undisturbed and overgrown tight swims are what the Chub Outcast Plus Stalking is all about.

    The powerful through action really allows you to hit and hold with big fish at close quarters.
  19. -56% Chub Outkast Shelter Mozzie Wrap Chub Outkast Shelter Mozzie Wrap
    Keep the Mozzies at bay with this wrap.
  20. -56% Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap Chub Outkast Shelter Overwrap
    Control the temperature in the bivvy with an overwrap
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