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  1. These food-based liquids represent the next level of feed stimulation around your hook bait. The highly soluble formulas are packed with nutrients and attractors, drawing fish directly to them, giving you the best chance possible of inducing a take.

    Use as a dip or glue to give your baits an edge.
  2. Developed on the legendary Savay Seed Mix base, the Top Banana is one of Solar's best-selling baits since its initial development in 1997. A combination of carefully selected seed blends, Haith’s Robin Red, appetite stimulators and liquid enhancers, including the original ‘Banoffee’ flavour of Solar's Mixmaster Pear Of Bananas concentrate and Creamy Toffee additive, the Top Banana leaves you, and the carp, wanting more. The ‘open’ structure of this bait helps to increase the release of attractors and feed stimulants, making the Top Banana a fantastic ‘instant’ bait, with the carefully balanced nutritional profile ensuring it has long-term effectiveness as well. Carefully developed for year-round use on any venue.
  3. A ‘legend’ in its own right. The Quench is the product of collaboration from the top anglers of the time in the historic, hay days of Savay Lake. Spawned from Solar's groundbreaking Yellow and Red Seed Mixes in 1987, the Quench is based on Solar's renowned, Savay Seed Mix. A combination of carefully selected seed blends, Haith’s Robin Red and appetite stimulators, the Quench is a fruit-blend bait perfectly suited to any venue at any time of the year. The ‘open’ structure of this bait helps to increase the release of attractors and feed stimulants, making the Quench a fantastic ‘instant’ bait, with the carefully balanced nutritional profile ensuring it has long-term effectiveness as well.
  4. These baits are not only loaded with liquid Ester Pineapple flavour and boast a hi-viz yellow colour. This winning formula is one that anglers instantly recognise as a successful combination and no carp angler’s rucksack shold be without a pot of pineapple pop-ups. Based on a high-leakage-mix recipe, this is one of Solar's most popular pop-ups in both summer and winter alike.
  5. Arguably the most successful big fish bait in the World. Originally developed in 1994, and with an unrivalled track record of success, Club Mix is THE carp bait for the serious angler. Time honoured for both success and longevity, Club Mix is carefully blended from the finest, LT, pre-digested fishmeals, milk proteins, Haith’s Robin Red and enhancers.
  6. The newest of the Solar ‘Originals’ range, the Candy Floss benefits from Solar's legendary Savay Seed Mix base, with a blend of sweeteners and enhancers complementing the combination of carefully selected seed blends, Haith’s Rob Red and appetite stimulators. The result is a year-round bait with a sweet aroma that simply oozes attraction. Proven over time on some of the toughest conditions on tricky venues, Solar Candy Floss is a bait that gets results on any venue at any time of the year. Benefitting from the finest ingredients and carefully designed nutritional profile, this bait gives you instant attraction and long-term effectiveness
  7. Made on a seed mix base, the Quench has always been classed as an ‘instant bait’, proving very popular with anglers on day ticket venues and highly stocked waters. Bright orange in colour and with a fruity blend of Quench flavours, this bait also benefits from the addition of an old favourite Mixmaster Black & Blue liquid (Blackcurrent and Blueberry) adding even more attraction to an already attractive bait.
  8. While the classic, and immensely productive, Dairy Cream boilies have been super seeded, the pop-ups have remained in the range by popular demand. Based on the Savay Seed Mix and with Ester Cream flavour, among others, this white, creamy-smelling bait is one of the most popular hook bait Solar produces.
  9. New Solar Jacko Pops Pop-Ups Solar Jacko Pops Pop-Ups
    Developed by former British carp record holder Lee Jackson, these pop-ups come into their own through spring, as they have that certain something the carp can’t seem to resist. However, these fruity baits, which are based around a strawberry and cream combination, work well no matter what the water temperature and the hi-viz, orange colour provides plenty of visual attraction too.
  10. ‘Perfect’ Cork-Dust Wafters are based on Solar’s phenomenal base mixes and attractors with the addition of cork dust to make them critically balanced, so they sink on just the weight of your hook. While they look like a free offering, they shoot in to a carp’s mouth at the slightest suck, fooling even the wariest of specimens. Like all our hook baits, Perfect Wafters are needle friendly, maintain their buoyancy for long periods and feature our hi-soak, hi-leak structure for maximum attraction.
  11. Red Herring & Smoked Salmon has proved an incredibly-effective big-carp bait on all manner of venues right across Europe and has found favour with many targeting extremely tough waters.
  12. The Club Mix needs no introduction with its long history and impecible reputation. No other bait has accounted for more big fish captures around the world than ‘The Club’. Together with the legendary Squid & Octopus Koi Rearer liquid and Stimulin Amino Compound, Solar have now reintroduced their original Anchovy Concentrate. When this combination of attractors comes together it’s easy to see why ‘The Club’ is quite simply second to none.
  13. Originally formulated in the winter, The Secret has all the right quantities of both visual and fruity attraction, together with a highly digestible ingredient profile. Fluoro pink in colour and flavored with pineapple and plum, Solar have added a touch of Liquid Candy Sweetener which makes this highly palatable, all-year-round bait work no matter what the conditions.
  14. A careful blend of the finest, LT, pre-digested fishmeals coupled with enhancers, amino compounds and Mixmaster Smoked Salmon concentrate. The result is a smooth-textured bait that packs a real punch for both instant attraction and long-term success, which is the first choice for some of the World’s best carp anglers when targeting some of the World’s toughest waters and biggest carp. Originally developed in the mid 1990s, Red Herring’s success and effectiveness has proved the test of time… at least twice over!
  15. Made on a seed base mix, the Top Banana has always been top of the list for many anglers on pressured waters, often producing when all else fails. The Pear Of Bananas ester flavour ‘leaks’ into the water even in the most severe of conditions and the light, yellow colour, provides maximum visual attraction. The addition of a sweet, caramel toffee ‘smooths off’ the attractor profile.
  16. Each tub is packed to the top with ultra-buoyant, flavour boosted pop-ups in a washed-out pink colour. With a sweet, irresistible smell/taste, you’ll know that these are a guaranteed bite the minute you take the lid off and have a sniff!
  17. -35% Solar Mixmaster Ester Pineapple Liquid Additive (100ml)
    One of the all-time classic flavours, Ester Pineapple needs no introduction. With pineapple pop-ups still one of carp fishing’s most popular baits and with this flavour being one of the key liquid ingredients to our Pineapple Secret range, this is one of the best selling liquid flavours Solar produces.
  18. -36% Solar 4th Rod Specials Pink & White Pop Ups - Top Banana 14mm
    These exclusive 4th Rod Special pop-ups are available for a limited time only and are the first batch of custom-designed, special hook baits to be launched under the new 4th Rod Banner.
  19. -35% Solar Mixmaster Liquid Candy Sweetener Liquid Additive (100ml)
    Candy Sweetener is the only sweetener to contain Talin, the sweetest natral product known to man. It has no bitter after taste and provides exceptional tatse-enhancing properties to any bait. It works extremely well with fish/savoury mixes as well as the more obvious fruity and creamy baits.
  20. -35% Solar Red Herring Up & Down Mix Active Groundbait (1kg)
    The Up & Down Mix is made from a carefully-developed blend of active ingredients creating a column of attraction from lakebed to surface as tiny particles, flavour and attraction rise and fall throughout the entire water column. This enables you to attract the carps’ attention and entice them to your hook bait no matter what level they’re sitiing at (click on the link below to watch this unique bait in action).
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