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  1. Prorex XR reels are designed for hunting predators. Their powerful mechanism is stable and secure in an aluminium frame and permanently protected by Mag Sealed. The accuracy and precision of DIGIGEAR extends the lifetime of gear meshing accuracy. The latest generation of ATD drag is composed of carbon discs to subdue the biggest and most powerful runs from Pike. The reel is supported by CRBB bearings to ensure continuous and smooth rotation during every battle.
  2. The Prorex 7x7 steel wires are equipped with premium and very strong Prorex snaps and swivels, offering the highest quality. The brown camouflage colour reduces reflections under water thus enhancing the wires low visibility.
  3. The premium rod series from the Prorex range features most of the innovations from our Japanese rod construction technology. The Prorex AGS rods immediately impress with their light weight and super crisp feel, yet still feature a sensitive tip action. The integration of nano technology with SVF fibre delivers lightweight and stiff blanks with optimum resilience, strength and feel. Each rod transmits every lure movement to the handle section and you feel even soft taps. X45 bias construction combined with 3DX dramatically reduces torque thus enabling more targeted casts. A fluent bending curve is guaranteed thanks to V-Joint. However the true highlight is the use of DAIWA’s exclusive AGS carbon guides, which are amazingly lighter than conventional guides and importantly optimize the rod’s action and sensitivity. Simply speaking, these AGS rods deliver a level of casting performance and fishing feel like no other.
  4. This Prorex rod series offers very lightweight and at the same time fast action blanks. Each rod action has been particularly designed to suit the requirements of casting all sizes of shads and plugs; hence their crisp and tensile feel. The bait casting rods cater for UK and Scandinavian lure methods often where larger patterns for bigger pike is the choice. HVF fibre blanks offer astonishing handling and loads across the whole tip section during casting – perfect for long distances. X45 bias construction reduces torque assisting higher accuracy a smooth bending curve is realised thanks to V-Joint. The Prorex rod series combines latest rod technology with a classical design at an exceptional price-performance ratio.
  5. The compact and high body shape of the Prorex Flat Bait displays an irresistible silhouette, especially for pike. The body is strongly flanking from side to side during retrieve. Due to this action it produces strong vibrations under water to wake up and attract the predators even over great distances. The Flat Bait shows its optimal action also at slow speeds and thus is also perfectly suited for ‘lazy’ fish in cold waters. Ideal for fishing in weedy areas!
  6. The new DAIWA Prorex Hybrid Swimbait combines the highest quality of design with an optimal price-performance ratio. This lure delivers an outstanding action, which resembles the swimming movements of a real fish – the lure imitates an injured prey fish due to its slight lateral flanking movements during constant retrieve. The Prorex Hybrid Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and is ready-to-fish. The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard battles, which could cause the loss of big fish. The head has been designed in a special way to resist even the toughest strains. Even after frequent fights no water will invade. The head withstands fierce attacks and severe fights with the fish! The Prorex Hybrid Swimbait is suitable from slow to very fast lure presentation (2.5km/h – 5km/h) and maintains a stable lure action even at high speed. The great colour diversity enables the proper choice for nearly all types of waters. When the plastic body has to be replaced due to several pike bites, fitting extra tails are available for a keen price – thanks to the special construction, the extra body can be glued on conveniently and without getting out of place (recommendation: Loctite 406 glue). The silent construction (without rattles) is a distinct advantage at highly frequented waters!
  7. This new, multi-sectioned lure within our Prorex series delivers an outstanding action. The Joint Bait is wiggling through the water ‘saucily‘ even at an extremely slow retrieve. With short, light strokes with the rod the lure is flanking laterally. With short stops during spinning, the lure is sinking horizontally in slow motion and at the same time perfectly retains its balance. Thanks to its slow sinking, this lure also can be fished in very shallow waters. Suitable for slow and fast lure action – an optimal lure for the whole season. Due to a special 3D printing procedure, these live-coloured lures surprisingly imitate a real fish – ideal for clear and highly frequented waters. Also the silent construction is perfectly suited for heavily fished waters, because rattles often frighten away fish. The 3 different sizes of 10cm, 15cm and 20cm cover pike, zander and perch.
  8. The classical form of a minnow has been proven over many years – obviously because this body shape is closely imitating the main prey fish of many predators. The Prorex Minnow SR has especially been designed for the upper water layers and imparts a lively action. The lure is flanking even at slow speed and thus is perfectly suited for twitching and jerking with an active lure presentation. The 16cm version has an additional eyelet at the belly for an alternative treble position.
  9. These small mini plugs are suitable for all kinds of predator from trout to perch and zander.

    The Prorex Baby Crank is imitating a small prey fish and performs flanking movements. Thanks to the special construction of the diving lip, this lure is suitable for still waters as well as for fishing in the rivers.

    Floating. Silent design – without rattles.

    Diving depth: 0.6m -1.0
  10. The goal behind the design of this lure was to imitate nature as realistic as possible. At first sight you will appreciate, how deceptively realistic this lure looks. Due to the use of a 3D printing procedure, during which the image of a real trout is printed on the body, this extremely realistic pattern is attainable. The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is thus an ideal lure for big pike which have specialised on hunting this prey in lakes and rivers. Perfectly suitable for slow and fast lure action, it delivers light flanking movements – similar to a real trout. During retrieve the Duckfin tail oscillates producing strong pulses. Depending on speed the pelvic and pectoral fins can also vibrate, enhancing attraction even further. The Live Trout has been constructed with 2 different eyelets to enable different depths and actions – using the head eyelet enables a deep presentation with more action – when rigged via the eyelet at the mouth this lure runs somewhat shallower. The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and is thus ready-to-fish. The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard strains, which could cause losses of big fish. The Live Trout was awarded Best New Soft Lure for the season 2017 at the Efttex 2016!
  11. The Prorex Snaps are made of extra thick, strong Stainless Steel and feature an extraordinary high linear strength. These snaps don’t bend even under high pressure and offer optimum safety. Due to the dull black surface reflection is reduced. Available in 4 sizes. Colour: Matt black
  12. Titanium leader material is highly resistant to kinking. Thus it is distinctly more durable than usual 1x7 or 7x7 steel wires. Additionally titanium leaders are prone to far less tangles during the cast and ‘active’ retrieving! Equipped with extremely strong Prorex swivels and snaps. Ideal for twitching and jerkbaiting with plugs! Also available in 3m spools.
  13. The Prorex XR rods offer the very latest in blank construction thanks to exclusive DAIWA technology. Lightweight and extremely fast each offers highly balanced handling, enabling you to use for longer periods without fatigue. The sensitive tip action ensures optimal lure presentation, perfectly buffering lunges and head shakes during the fight, reducing the risk of hook pulls. The use of HVF nanoplus carbon creates a more lightweight and at the same time tougher blank. The result is a quicker recovery enabling long distance casting, with large levels of power in reserve. X45 bias construction also reduces rod twisting during the cast, thus assisting accuracy and increasing power conversion. In addition the V-Joint spigot guarantees an even bending curve. The original Fuji TVS reel seat* ensures a direct contact to the blank for optimal feel and lure control. Award winning Prorex XR rods offer an outstanding price-performance ratio
  14. This compact 80mm crankbait motivates reluctant fish! Due to its long diving lip, the Prorex Crank gains depth rapidly and produces strong vibrations under water. The integrated rattles ensure additional attractions. Thanks to its buoyancy it is suitable for slow as well as fast retrieves. Especially ‘lethargic‘ fish can be tricked with this noisemaker on lazy days – ideal for pike, zander and perch.
  15. The new Hybrid Crank combines the advantages of a plug with the benefits of a soft plastic lure. Due to the plastic body it produces softer vibrations in the water which resembles a real fish. Additionally the lure is kept longer in the mouth during the take, which can be crucial for success in difficult waters. Due to the long diving lip the lure is gaining depth quickly and thus is ready to catch immediately. The plastic body also creates an outstanding action with a very slow retrieve. The Prorex Hybrid Crank is very versatile – no matter if used for twitching, jerkbaiting or at steady retrieving. The silent construction (without rattles) increases the bite rate, especially at highly frequented waters. The size of 14cm makes this lure a real all-rounder for zander, pike and perch. The Hybrid Crank is constructed in a way to enable an easy and fast exchange of the soft body – simply attach it to the hard body and you are ready to continue fishing! The Hybrid Crank is supplied with one additional tail.
  16. The PROREX bait casting range is a series of rods for UK and Scandinavian lure methods often where larger lure patterns for the bigger pike are the choice. Easy to transport thanks to the two section construction, each design uses HVF fibre to deliver remarkable weight saving but high levels of casting power. Combined with X45 bias construction this noticeably reduces torque assisting higher accuracy.
  17. These Prorex reel were developed in close collaboration with the Daiwa Scandinavia team. With its large drive gear and aluminium frame the PX200HLA model is ideal for fishing with big lures. The 100 is more compact offering a closer grip in the hand for lighter lure fishing. These PROREX baitcasters have the latest generation of ATD drag featuring a special grease to enhance braking smoothness. This reel offers an exceptional price / quality ratio and was awarded best new multiplier at EFTTEX 2016. There is no doubt that PROREX is the ideal partner to accompany you in your pursuit of that trophy fish.
  18. This new Prorex plug with a banana-shape is gaining depth very quickly and features a strong wiggling action with flanking movements imitating injured prey fish. Suited for slow and fast lure presentation. Also perfect for twitching! A real zander magnet! Available in two sizes: 8cm and 12cm. Floating. Silent construction – without rattles. Also perfectly suited for trolling!
  19. Strong and abrasion resistant Fluorocarbon leader. Equipped with extra strong Prorex swivels and snaps, this leader is highly recommended for the use in clear waters when you are fishing with large lures. The high linear strength easily withstands the bite of a pike.
  20. Screw-in lead which can simply be screwed into the belly/head of a soft plastic lure. Depending on position and weight the lure changes its balance and diving depth. Ideal in combination with the Prorex Screw-In system.
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