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Retention/Weigh Slings & Sacks

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  1. The Stormshield Recovery Sling features a predominantly soft-mesh construction with a solid material base, which helps to protect your prize capture throughout the handling process. The sling features ultra-buoyant foam strips which spans the entire top of the sling, double zip closure, and magnets built into the design to make the sling neater when weighing fish. Stainless steel rings are also built into the weighing straps which help with more accurate and quicker readings. The Stormshield Recovery Sling features a small pocket that houses a Hi-Viz yellow cord and poly ball for retaining fish safely.
  2. -39% Chub X-TRA Protection Zip Sack Chub X-TRA Protection Zip Sack
    Maximum oxygen flow and quick drying material
  3. -20% Fox STR Camo Flotation Weight Sling
    Based on original Fox STR Weigh Sling design, which has proven to be one of the most popular in Europe
  4. This Retention Sling is designed for anglers to temporarily retain fish and then weigh them in the safest possible way.
  5. Heavy duty slings designed to handle specimen fish.
  6. -20% Gardner XL Zip Sack Gardner XL Zip Sack
    Simple, ultra light, Zip-Up Carp Sack, large enough to contain most catches.
  7. -20% JRC Cocoon 2G Auto Retainer JRC Cocoon 2G Auto Retainer
    Spring loaded retraction system for tangle-free storage & transportation
    Auto retrieves the sling/sack/fish from the margins
    No loose cord on the bank helps to prevent trip hazards to increase safety of carried fish
    Length of cord adjustable at various lengths to prevent excess cord on the bank or in the water
    Strong 4.5m long cord with metal quick-connect clip
    Clever bank stick fixation system
    Lightweight and compact design
    Strong moulded ABS housing – 220g/8oz
  8. -20% JRC Cocoon 2G Folding Mesh Weigh Sling JRC Cocoon 2G Folding Mesh Weigh Sling
    Classic designed weigh sling with foldable bars for easy storage and transportation.
  9. -20% JRC Defender Flat Fold Mat & Sling Sack Combo JRC Defender Flat Fold Mat & Sling Sack Combo
    A great package deal of the Defender Flat Fold Mat and the Sling Sack, a great partnership for fish safety.
  10. A dual purpose product that offers a lightweight and strong mesh weigh sling, but is also ideal for short term fish retention. The Defender Sling Sack is also designed with Velcro attachments to connect to the Defender Flat Fold Mat to make for easier fish positioning before weighing/retention.
  11. -33% JRC Defender Weigh Sling JRC Defender Weigh Sling
    A lightweight and portable D-shaped sling constructed from heavy duty polyester, which is not only fish safe, but also provides an easy to clean surface.
  12. -20% Korum Roving Weigh Sling Korum Roving Weigh Sling
    The Korum Roving Weigh Sling is the ultimate lightweight weigh sling. Ideal for the mobile angler, or where space is at a premium.
  13. -20% Korum Weigh Sling
    A design classic, the Korum sling holds fish centrally, giving full support whatever the size. The fish-friendly, wipe clean lining does not remove protective slime, ensuring fish welfare. Extra strong carry/weigh handles are flag stitched for maximum strength.
  14. The safest carp sacks on the market.

    Supplied with H-Block style sack location float in Velcro pocket

    Available in standard and Monster size
  15. The classic Nash design, proven all over the world to safely weigh and retain the biggest carp. Now with an improved gusseted design for superior carp safety.

    Floating Kaptive Retainer Slings weigh, carry, retain and release.

    Standard & XL Versions Available
  16. The classic Nash design now revamped with an all mesh construction to reduce weight, improve water exchange for carp comfort and offer faster drying and reduced transport dimensions.
  17. Water resist lightweight peachskin construction with critically placed webbing support and metal weigh eyelets for safe weighing of the biggest fish.
  18. -20% Saber DPM Floatation Weigh Sling Saber DPM Floatation Weigh Sling
    Based on the ever-popular Supra Flotation Weigh Sling but in DPM Armour finish.

    Manufactured using 420D PVC waterproof material and super soft fish friendly mesh for quick water drainage. Features a curved base to ensure your capture sits centrally during weighing. Padded EPE foam tubes on each end are used to keep the sling afloat in the water and integrated sack cord with pouch allows you to attach the sling to a bankstick on the bank for complete safety. The support bars break down for easy transportation and a fully closing zip keeps fish securely in the sling while in the water at all times. Plus double weigh handles means safe, easy ‘hoisting’.
  19. Available in standard and large size, these are designed as dual purpose floating weight sling and short-term fish retainer. Full mesh sides and base are quick draining and sculpted to hold the fish centrally. The top and end panels are SK-TEK camo material to help keep the fish calm in the water.
  20. -21% Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling Cord
    Keep peace of mind with this meticulously designed range of carp care products designed to provide maximum protection for the fish in and out of the water.
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